Words by Alek Rose

We know that you’re more productive when you love what you’re wearing so to help you in your office life we’ve put together three pairs of sneakers that you can wear to work all year round.

Wearing sneakers to work is pushing a boundary of sorts, but we don’t want to push the boundary too far, so we’re keeping the colour scheme neutral and the silhouettes as minimal as possible to maintain an air of formality. The right pair of premium sneakers does not have to sacrifice formality, they can transform your work outfit into something that works for your day at work and drinks when you’re finished. Let’s be honest, that’s all you were really looking for.



Common Projects Nude Original Achilles Low Sneakers

In the search for office-ready sneakers, you needn’t look any further than the Common Projects Achilles Low. The versatile minimal silhouette of the Achilles Low means that it compliments any outfit without demanding excess attention. Except for the gold branding on the heel of the shoe, the neutral Achilles Low has a pristine upper, allowing the Italian Nappa leather to do all the talking. Common Projects’ effortless cool means that styling them with a more casual suit is simple - the ideal way to look presentable at work and be ready to take off your blazer and go for a drink after work. Whatever the outfit, the Achilles Low with hold it all together.

Oliver Cabell Black Low 1 Sneakers

If we’re being honest, The Low 1 follows a similar path to the Common Projects Achilles Low - a minimal silhouette, entirely black excluding the gold branding on the heel tab. However, in the relatively small landscape of minimalist sneakers, the Oliver Cabell Low 1 still manages to present a real alternative to the Achilles Low. One difference to note is the shape of the shoe: the toe box of the Low 1 is more rounded than the Achilles Low, affording it a more traditional sneaker shape, sportier and with fewer formal possibilities than the Achilles Low. Regardless of this, the luxury leather uppers mean that the Low 1 remains a genuine possibility for the everyday office.

Wearing sneakers to the office is a difficult game to play as the office is a place that relies on regulation. This said, these suggestions can help you dodge the preconceptions of wearing sneakers to the office. Minimal, refreshing design and premium materials mean that these sneakers will not look out of place in the workplace.


Buttero Black Leather Lined Tanino Low Sneakers

Buttero began its life making riding boots out of premium local leather but since the mid-70s, their catalogue has grown and now caters to all sides of the footwear spectrum, including men's sneakers. Buttero combine the techniques and durability of their riding boots with Italian sophistication and style in their sneakers. The result is something that is both raw and refined at the same time. Being made authentically and locally, the Tuscan calf leather offers a natural and original aspect to the shoe, while the clean silhouette and vulcanised rubber sole ensure that the final product is sophisticated to survive in the office. The black colourway of the premium leather uppers leaves no doubt that this pair is smart enough for work, while the lighter off-white sole errs on the more casual side of office-wear. It’s a win-win.

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