In our hyper-consumerist, 'stuff'-obsessed age, it can pay to take everything down a notch and get back to basics. Such is the thinking behind Unrecorded, a Dutch brand that has been championing simplicity and sustainability since its launch in 2017. Taking a stand against fast fashion and fleeting trends, Unrecorded produces timeless, year-round essentials that will slot easily into any wardrobe and stand the test of time — from cosy sweaters and basic tees to easy-to-wear chino trousers and luxurious organic cotton shirts.

Because Unrecorded's range is completely permanent, it's an extra special treat when they release new products. So you can understand our excitement around the brand's latest launch — a collection of six to-die-for denim pieces, all made in Portugal from certified organic Italian Candiani Denim, which has been stonewashed for less water, chemical and energy usage than standard denim.

The collection consists of two pairs of classic denim jeans — cropped and straight; two jackets — a slightly oversized boxy trucker style and straight-fitted worker jacket; a heavy denim shirt and a denim tote bag. As is typical of all Unrecorded clothing and accessories, these are functional pieces that are made to last. The denim is strong and durable yet soft, designed to mould to your body shape over time. Thanks to clean lines and minimal detailing, a relaxed, understated aesthetic underpins the collection, lending each garment ultimate versatility and guaranteeing them staple status in your wardrobe for decades to come.

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