The world of custom-built motorbikes can be a hard one to keep abreast of. Many garages appear to do something similar, keeping it cool with a range of cafe racers and scramblers while others sit at the opposite extreme, building futuristic electric bikes. One garage stands out in our mind as a paragon of originality: Vagabund. Look no further than Vagabund V12 for proof.


A vagabond rejects, purposefully or otherwise, the common conceptions of life and all of the boundaries and limitations that come with them. A great name, then, for a garage which dedicates itself to the reinterpretation of the motorbike, never assigning builds to a certain style because, as Vagabund says: “These are just guidelines, ready to be broken.”


One look at the solid, glass-fibre-reinforced rear wheel of the Vagabund V12 – previously a 1994 BMW R100RT – tells you all you need to know about this completely street-legal build. It’s a dark horse, lit only by meticulous LED brake lights, indicators and headlight.

The industrial machine is coated in slick, all-black paintwork that contrasts matte and gloss finishes to add intrigue to the monochrome look. Eyes are instantly drawn to the fuel tank, transitioning from a gleaming gloss to a matte rear half which flows seamlessly into the seat unit and matte rear wheel.

While you can head to Vagabund’s site to talk custom projects or purchase a build, the garage says it best: “You can never fully own them though, because a true vagabond forever belongs to the road.”

Photography by Stefan Leitner.

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