In the world of luxury menswear, VALENZA stands as a shining example of Italian craftsmanship and ethical responsibility. Founded by Giuseppe Valenza, a seasoned designer with a career that began in the fashion hub of Milan, VALENZA embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation. Giuseppe's journey, inspired by love, took him to the Netherlands, where he worked as a Product and Collection Director for several menswear brands. Yet, his heart remained firmly rooted in Italy, and he sought to create something truly exceptional.

At VALENZA, the commitment to redefining the true value of a garment is at the core of their ethos. In a world inundated with industrially produced clothing and where marketing often overshadows the product itself, VALENZA takes a step back to focus on the authenticity and craftsmanship of each piece. Their products are created in fair conditions, respecting both workers and the environment, within their home region of Le Marche, Italy. Every item is meticulously crafted by passionate artisans, ensuring that it's the work of the same tailor from start to finish.

VALENZA's goal is to produce luxurious, ethically correct artisanal products at the right price point, using traceable and organic materials. From internationally acclaimed Italian fabric mills to certified mother of pearl buttons and environmentally-conscious labeling and packaging, their commitment to sustainability is evident in every detail. VALENZA's shirts, exclusively made with certified materials and free from plastic elements, allow you to make a statement of both style and ethical responsibility. When you choose VALENZA, you're not just buying menswear; you're embracing a commitment to quality, ethics, and the planet, making each piece a symbol of your values.