Scandinavian design is renowned for its subtle, sophisticated approach. There's a straightforwardness to the Scandinavian tradition that adds uncomplicated joy to your everyday life. There's nothing superfluous, just the simple perfection of all that's necessary and nothing more. Form follows function at its very best. Here are five of our favourite Scandinavian brands:


A collection of essentials that's beyond fashion, Asket offers key menswear pieces that will remain with you season after season. Sustainability and responsible sourcing are key. Whether it's Asket's perfect T-shirt, cotton sweater or tailored shorts, this label's consistent approach brings stylish simplicity to your wardrobe.

Native North

Celebrating traditional Scandinavian culture, Native North is a young Danish label which uses a mix of hi-tech materials and the finest natural fabrics to create a relaxed yet meticulously judged collection. Think heavy workwear-inspired overshirts, relaxed hoodies and classic Scandinavian wool sweaters. Essentially brilliant.


Minimalism and stillness are at the heart of LOOPALU's quietly beautiful plates, vases and meditative photographs. As a standalone design piece, a LOOPALU vase will bring the tranquility of Scandinavian light and nature into the home. Whatever your choice, these are pieces for a lifetime, well beyond mere fashion.


Quite simply one of the most famous contemporary brands to be founded in Copenhagen, Bodum has been offering its superbly designed kitchenware to stylish homes for more than 75 years. Bodum coffee presses are of course legendary, while Bodum kettles add unlikely art to the everyday task of boiling water. Scandinavian simplicity at its best.


Signature eyewear that makes a look-again statement, while retaining design integrity. That's the key to the cult appeal of Kamo, now one of the most sought after of Danish brands. Shapes and lens colours are bold, with classic silhouettes reinvented to match your stripped-back style. Each pair is handmade and matched with Carl Zeiss lenses.

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