The apparently humble scarf is easily your finest winter friend. Always there to keep you warm - and to add instant bounce to your everyday. Choose carefully and your scarf effortlessly becomes a part of your signature look. The right piece will be with you for seasons to come - and key to that is expert crafting using the finest materials. Try pure wool for reliable comfort, upgrade to cashmere for club class luxury - or even alpaca, one of the planet's most sought-after fibres. Take a look at our selection of the best men's scarves and you might conclude, as we have, that that scarf isn't quite so humble after all.

10 best men's scarves

Gran Sasso Taupe Beige Ribbed Cashmere Scarf

Bring a touch of luxury to your everyday winter ensemble with this elegant 100% cashmere scarf from renowned Italian knitwear label. Gran Sasso. Knitted in a distinctive rib pattern, it's finished with cool grey detailing against a neutral taupe base.The ultimate addition to any outfit, smart or casual.

Unrecorded Wool Scarf

Dutch sustainability specialists Unrecorded have a laser sharp focus on minimalist simplicity. Sourcing and crafting are key to all that they release. Their Wool Scarf uses 100% lambswool, sustainably farmed, chosen for its superfine softness, and woven in carefully chosen studios in Italy. Length here is on the generous side, ideal for tying and for tucking under a jacket or coat. Luxurious and cosseting.

Dalgado Dante 100% Pure Cashmere Scarf

Personal winter luxury, sorted. Dalgado are René and Jan Jülicher, a German design duo whose ethos is quality rather than mass-produced pieces. Here they've used 100% cashmere, combed from goats in Mongolia, long revered as the source of the world's finest cashmere. Dalgado's minimalist approach means that their men's scarves are designed to keep you warm, stylish and cosy for season upon season.

Luca Faloni Pure Cashmere Scarf

The finest Italian expertise, materials and skill, woven into every piece they offer. That's the promise of luxury experts Luca Faloni, whose Milan flagship store is discreet opulence personified, as is their Pure Cashmere Scarf. Luca Faloni have selected Cariaggi to craft their scarf, drawing on a storied 60-year history, with fibres sourced from Capra Hircus Laniger goats in Mongolia, widely regarded as provided the world's best cashmere. Deluxe doesn't begin to describe it.

ISTO. Wool Scarf

ISTO. hope this will be all the scarf you'll ever need, free of seasonal fashion and - the key ISTO. promise - transparently made. Fabric is 100% Burel wool, traditionally sourced from the mountainous Serra da Estrela region of central Portugal. Construction is equally traditional, using hand-operated machines that are more than a century old. ISTO. offer a price breakdown on every part of their process. Transparent luxury, brilliantly executed.

Closed C-Pattern Scarf

A signature piece, deliberately over-long to maximise the ways you can use this super-warm scarf in the cooler seasons. German casualwear experts Closed have commissioned a loose wool weave with an abstract motif, based around the letter "C". Crafting, using an intricate Jacquard weave, is entrusted to Italians Alessandro and Paolo Brini who have, since 1996, assembled a youthful team to construct these high quality pieces. Finished with a plain-coloured fringe.

ASKET The Cashmere Wool Scarf

Form-follows-function Scandinavian minimalism is the promise from Stockholm's ASKET. That - plus sustainability and transparency. We're bound to add that since they're experts in Sweden's chilly winters, their Cashmere Wool Scarf is guaranteed to keep you warm in even the most challenging conditions. Construction is from 55% recycled cashmere, blended with 45% recycled wool, plain weave is felted and the scarf has a brushed finish for added cosiness.

Wax London Eden Scarf

Need your darker seasons brightening up? East London's finest have the answer, right here. Wax London draw on the capital's vibrant street fashion for their pieces, designed as an "ode to London". Tartan was key to punk in 1976 and to its revival, here executed in 100% merino lambswool by one of the last remaining British wool mills, with a 185-year heritage. Luxury meets fashion meets history, all in one vibrant scarf.

Fells Andes Fjord Scarf

There's deluxe and then there's super-deluxe. Fells Andes are obsessive in their quest for real, sustainable luxury. Their Fjord Scarf is the result of that journey by these obsessive Californians, and what a slice of luxury it is. Fibres here were combed from Peruvian baby alpacas, using time-honoured methods that guarantee sustainability. Result is a scarf crafted from one of the rarest and most sought-after fabrics on the planet. As much artwork as scarf? You decide.

Aurélien Pure Cashmere Caramel Scarf

A long, elegant scarf that's as easily dressed up - think with a mac coat over your jacket - as it is dressed down with jeans, t-shirt and bomber jacket for a casual Saturday brunch. Aurélien's unique offer is "smart luxury" with a distinctly Italian interpretation of Mediterranean style. It goes almost without saying that in a scarf that means one thing: 100% pure cashmere, finely woven. La dolce vita, in just the one perfect winter accessory.

Corridor Alpaca Fringe Scarf

One of New York's favourite independent labels comes up with a chunky seasonal essential, crafted to withstand the worst of those East Coast blizzards and now ready to up your fashion game while ensuring you stay warm and cosy. Crafted for Corridor in a family-run workshop in Lima from locally-sourced alpaca and merino wool, blended with technical fibres for structure and durability. Tubular yarn creates a stand-out look. Ready for your next urban jungle.

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