We aren’t slowing down, we love to find new brands to share with our community, and we’re doing it at quite a pace. We want you to see all of our new arrivals, so on occasion we focus in on a new brand. It’s as much a warm welcome for the brand as it is to give you some background. Sometimes we discover a shiny new brand that’s still finding its legs and other times we look to established names to act as strong foundations for the younger brands, an entry point of sorts. One such brand is Rains.


General information

Founded in 2012 by Philip Lotko and Daniel Brix Hesselager, Rains is a Scandinavian rainwear label that has popularised traditional raincoat designs. The raincoats were used mainly by fishermen in the past, so you know they’ll be suitable for a drop or two on your way to work. Beginning life with just a range of coats, the brand has grown to encompass all sides of rainwear, producing waterproof and durable bags and accessories.


The mission

From day one, Philip and Daniel strived to reinvent the traditional rubber raincoat worn for decades by fishermen. The label’s first product was a poncho which soon developed into the coats for which the brand is now known. Through the design of effective rainwear, Rains hopes to alter the way we view the weather, seeing rain as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience.



Each product made by the brand is created to both honour and to challenge traditional perceptions of rainwear. A common misconception is that functional rainwear inherently sacrifices style, the label is changing this idea product by product. Rooting through rainwear archives, Rains uses the design direction of its Scandinavian roots to finding new-age solutions to functional, fashionable rainwear.



Top picks

Rains Blue Long Jacket

One of Rains’ classic designs, this jacket is made of a water-resistant, lightweight fabric developed by Rains over the past seven years. Boasting a matte finish, it's is a sleek essential for the coming months.

Rains Black Backpack

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve made it to your destination dry, then looking in your bag to find all of your valuables have been exposed to the rain during your journey. With Rains’ backpack you needn’t worry about leaks, the fully lined water-resistant construction will get your things home warm and dry.


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