At OPUMO, our aim is to give our community all of the tools needed to make the best choice possible. This involves curating products as well as information. With so many men's coats and jackets at OPUMO, we thought we’d compile a guide of different styles. This will help you decide which is the one for you. You might be after something utilitarian: a waterproof jacket, down jacket or even a track jacket. Perhaps you’re on the search for a smarter coat like a overcoat, peacoat or trench coat.

Let’s begin by clearing up the age-old question: what is the difference between a jacket and a coat? Coats are longer than jackets which end at the waist. A coat would end at the thighs or below and featured long sleeves and a classic front fastening. Jackets suit indoor wear and are lighter, tighter-fitting and less insulated than a coat. With the technicalities cleared up, onwards.

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Men’s bomber jackets

Also known as an aviator jacket or a flight jacket, the bomber jacket is typically a bulky, loose-fitting jacket due to its utilitarian, military roots. Designed for use by fighter pilots functioning at high altitudes, a leather bomber jacket can withstand extremely low temperatures thanks to the shearling construction: fur lines the inside while hard-wearing leather provides a protective outer shell.

The bomber jacket is a versatile option. The use of different material significantly alters the style of a bomber jacket. Take Private White V.C. for example, whose suede bomber jackets can be worn with a white shirt underneath to slip under the radar at a smart-casual event – read what to wear for smart-casual events. On the other hand, A Day's March creates flight jackets that promise comfort and style in equal measures but are certainly more suited to off-duty ensembles due to their merino wool construction.

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Coach jackets

When it comes to clothing that has its roots in sports, its popularity is usually thanks to the players. Not this time. Coaches spend a lot of time outside and, unlike their players, they’re standing still. It makes sense that they’d need a lightweight, waterproof and windproof jacket to make the evenings more comfortable. A popular style in streetwear, the coach jacket is often emblazoned with sports team or brand logos.

We like to take a more minimal approach to men’s coats and jackets, so we recommend heading in the direction of YMC, a label known for making statement men's jackets that feature no branding. Alternatively, keep it classic with the ever-reliable Paul Smith. Britain's favourite tailor finds a way to reinvent classic men's outerwear like the coach jacket with signature creative flair. Consider the situations in which you'll be using your coach jacket. If you plan to use it as a top layer, opt for a lined coach jacket. If you intend to use it as a tool for layering or indoor wear, choose an unlined coach jacket.

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Field jackets

Often referred to as the M65 field jacket because it was introduced in 1965 for US military use during the Vietnam War. The design traditionally made use of water-repellent fabric and features two large hip pockets and two chest pockets.

Danish label Legends offers modern takes on military surplus jacket styles each season. Water-repellent nylon fabrics are a lightweight and functional swap for heavier and less technical traditional cottons. For an example of a classic field jacket, Forét's outdoorsy collections are dominated by natural hues, making it a safe bet for a khaki field jacket.

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Men's exercise jackets

The track jacket is an example of problem solving through design. Invented to keep the athlete warm in between bursts of energy, workout jackets are lightweight and insulating.

At OPUMO, you'll find workout gear that uses cutting-edge technology from the likes of AEANCE whose performance jackets feature technical fabric blends and bonded seams that ensure your workout is uninhibited. The retro-inspired track jackets showcased in Legends new collection are more easily worn in combination with a casual wardrobe thanks to a looser-fitting, style-oriented design.

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Men’s overshirts

Arguably the most multitalented piece in the modern gent’s wardrobe, the men's overshirt or shacket is a formidable styling force. Whether you’re on the search for eye-catching fabrics like a wool overshirt, denim overshirt or corduroy overshirt, or something more inconspicuous like a cotton overshirt, you’ll be sure to find the whole range at OPUMO. Look to keep it simple as a starting point – a black overshirt ensures that you’ve always got a layering option in your repertoire.

When asked, we don't hesitate in pointing people in the direction of YMC – check out our YMC size guide to ensure that you don't get caught out by unorthodox fits – whose combination of premium materials and mind for unique design results in hard-wearing, standout overshirts every season. For a more classic take on the style, look no further than the A Day's March new collection. The label's following swears by its signature overshirts which return season after season. 

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Men’s overcoats

The men’s overcoat is another that finds its roots in the military, which goes to emphasise the utility of the style. An overcoat will often last a lifetime as it boasts a wool or cashmere construction. Wool overcoats and cashmere overcoats are typically tailored to knee-length or lower, though styles like the wool peacoat are cut shorter for a more casual appearance.

There are things to consider before purchasing an overcoat: after you've answered the obvious 'what size overcoat should I buy?' and 'what colour overcoat?', consider your preference between a double-breasted fastening and a single-breasted fastening, some swear by one or the other. Look to labels like A Day's March for minimal overcoats, and if you're still unsure use our A Day's March sizing guide to make sure you've got the perfect overcoat.

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Men’s raincoats

It can be difficult to decide on the best raincoat for men. There are so many styles so how do you know which is right for you? At OPUMO, you needn’t sacrifice function for form or vice versa, our selection of long raincoats, taped seam jackets, cagoules, wax jackets and waterproof men's car coats has something for everyone.

There are few labels producing such no-nonsense waterproof men’s coats as Rains. The brand's outerwear claims to do one thing and it does it well. These men's coats and jackets feature taped seams to ensure 100% waterproofing. 

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Men's trench coats

If you haven’t already guessed, the men's trench coat can be traced back to the military and was developed to keep officers dry in the notoriously wet and muddy trenches. 

We're moving further from the historical context and style of the original men’s trench coats. This makes it interesting to see the ways in which modern labels alter the style. The breakthrough Scandinavian brand Mfpen takes a firmly minimal approach to the men's trench coat, featuring a single-breasted closure and little to no detailing which makes the piece a simple and effective outerwear options.

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Men’s gilets

Invented by peasants of the 15th century, who did almost nothing outside of physical labour, the men's gilet keeps the important bits warm while freeing your arms for activity. When the higher classes recognised the value in the item, they upgraded the style with insulating padding. In 2020, you’ll find technical insulation, fur gilets and wool body warmers that ensure maximum comfort.

At OPUMO you'll be treated to a range of men's gilet styles. Some of the gilets focus on style while others take a more functional approach. AEANCE's sustainable exercise clothing makes use of modern weaving technologies to provide lightweight men's gilet options that perform at the highest level.

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Men’s mac coats

Invented by Charles Macintosh in 1823, the men’s rain mac made use of weatherproof rubberised cotton which was being developed as a revolutionary new fabric at the time. Since then, we’ve discovered how to make this fabric breathable and how to stop it melting in the sun. Yes, that really used to happen.

A macintosh coat is an easy solution to balancing style and substance. The tailored cut of a mac means that the right one can sharpen up a whole look. Head to Paul Smith's newest collection for guaranteed quality and sophistication.

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Men’s parka coats

The men's parka is a traditional Inuit coat which features a hood lined with fur. Historically a parka coat used animal skin but now usually features a waterproof nylon or cotton construction. Breaking into British subculture in the 1960s, the parka is still a stalwart in mod fashion.

Like most of the coats in this guide, we have a wide range of possibilities at OPUMO. Shackleton's adventure-fuelled heritage has led to a collection of heavily insulated men’s jackets filled with 100% pure European goose down to keep you warm at -30°C. For city-ready parkas, Bellerose's confident, minimal style provides fertile ground for the modern man's parka.

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