With new brands cropping up every week, it can be hard to keep up with who’s doing what. From  sustainable luggage through to industrial furniture, OPUMO stocks brands to watch through every discipline, and they’re all linked by one thing: a focus on great design. 

If you’re on the look out for emerging brands with a focus on design and sustainable production, or interested in what new releases are on the market, you’re in the right place. Here are our brands of the week.

Brands of the week:


POLKRA is a forward-thinking homeware brand looking to do things slightly differently. Managing every level of its process from sourcing to production and distribution, POLKRA is known for its highly individual take on home accessories from towel sets to candles and even matchboxes.

Its latest collection of tea towels feature unique prints by artists including Julianna Byrne and Sainte Maria and are well worth a look if you want to spruce up your kitchen. 

  1. Jasmine iKat Silk Cushion Cover
  2. Blue Double Stripe Linden Cushion
  3. Mint Green Glass Tumbler Set
  4. Yew Handwoven Cotton Rug
  5. Delicate Jasmine 100% Natural Coconut & Bees Wax Candle
  6. Floral Lawns 100% Natural Coconut & Bees Wax Candle
  7. Amber Glass Tumbler Set
  8. Bee Balm iKat Velvet Cushion Cover
  9. Atlas 100% Natural Rapeseed & Bees Wax Candle
  10. Blue Aspen Handwoven Cotton Dhurrie Rug
  11. Blue Aspen Cotton Dhurrie Large Floor Cushion
  12. Snapdragon iKat Silk Cushion Cover
  13. Calypso Rose 100% Coconut & Bees Wax Candle
  14. Green Double Stripe Linden Cushion

Ucon Acrobatics

Noted for its minimal designs and high quality construction, Ucon Acrobatics produces some of the finest bags around. From simple roll-top backpacks through to cross body bags, the Berlin-based brand is known for using sustainable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, which give its products an ethical as well as aesthetic edge. 

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Characterised by its simple line drawings and stark use of space and colour, Peytil artworks are incredibly easy to incorporate into virtually any room. Artist Eitil Thorén Due founded Peytil out of Stockholm, as a creative outlet he felt was lacking from his day to day work. Peytil has gone from strength to strength, with a number of limited editions pieces among its highlights today. 


Founded in 2003, Maze has prided itself on producing minimal yet functional designs made to improve the home. The Swedish brand collaborates with local craftspeople, meaning all production of its furniture takes place in Sweden. As a result the brand is able to take quality control to the next level, while ensuring its slow production has a minimal affect on the environment. 

  1. Black Pythagoras XS Shelf
  2. Black / Cognac Frank Storage Bench
  3. White / Cognac Frank Storage Bench
  4. Natural Oak / Brass Pythagoras XS Shelf
  5. White City Sunday Magazine Rack
  6. Black Pythagoras Drawer
  7. White Pythagoras XS Shelf
  8. Black / Cognac Nancy Bench
  9. Black In the Neighbourhood Magazine Rack

House Babylon

As we spend more time at home, our attentions have turned to improving our living space. And what better place to start than with bedding? House Babylon specialises in producing exemplary bedding made from ethical cotton and linen in colours that are incredibly easy to blend in to a variety of interior designs. 

  1. Grey Lucid Duvet Cover
    From £80
  2. White Essential Duvet Cover
    From £60
  3. Grey Essential Duvet Cover
    From £60
  4. Green Cairo Duvet Cover
    From £80
  5. White Move-in Bedding Set
    From £200
  6. Silver Cairo Duvet Cover
    From £80
  7. The Green Lucid Bedding Collection
    From £90
  8. Cairo Move-in Bedding Set
    From £270
  9. White Lucid Duvet Cover
    From £80
  10. Winter Duvets
    From £60 £48
  11. Green Move-in Bedding Set
    From £200
  12. White Essential Fitted Sheet
    From £35
  13. The White Lucid Bedding Collection
    From £90
  14. The Silver Cairo Collection
    From £90

Carl Friedrik 

Starting out in the world of luxury luggage, Carl Friedrik has made a name for itself by crafting beautifully made, well executed leather bags the likes of backpacks and briefcases. The brand’s recent venture into desk accessories sets it apart though. Look out for its valet tray, mouse pad and desk mat, which are all made from the finest vegetable-tanned Vachetta leather and each come with a lifetime warranty.  

  1. Black / Orange Palissy Briefcase
  2. Chocolate 13" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  3. Black 13" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  4. Cognac 15" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  5. Cognac / Red Palissy 25 HR Briefcase
  6. Cognac 12" Walton MacBook Pro Sleeve
  7. Cognac / Dark Grey Carry-on Suitcase
  8. Navy / Grey Palissy Double Briefcase
  9. Cognac / Red Vallance Briefcase
  10. Black / Dark Grey Carry-on Suitcase
  11. Black / Orange Vallance Briefcase
  12. Black / Grey Palissy 25 HR Briefcase
  13. Palladium / Chocolate Blade Belt
  14. Cognac / Grey Palissy Briefcase


If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s lighting, there are few brands better to turn to than Industville. Based in London, Industville puts an industrial spin on everything it does, from pewter pendant lights to swan neck caged wall lights. The prices of its designs are surprisingly affordable too, making them an ideal option for those looking for exceptional attention to detail at wallet-friendly prices. 

  1. Copper Brooklyn Vintage Metal Dome Pendant
  2. 16" Light Pewter Brooklyn Step Mount Light
    From £15
  3. Gunmetal Bulkhead Wall Light Sconce
  4. Pewter The Globe Collection Pendant Lamp
    From £69
  5. Light Pewter Old Factory Pendant Lamp
  6. 7" Brooklyn Glass Funnel Flush Mount Light
  7. 6" Cone Brooklyn Rusty Cage Pendant Lamp
  8. Dark Pewter / Copper Old Factory Slotted Vintage Pendant
  9. Copper Vintage Sleek Edison Wire Pendant
  10. 13" Brooklyn Dome Pendant Lamp
  11. Pewter Swan Neck Wall Light
  12. 8" Pewter Brooklyn Umbrella Pendant Lamp
  13. 7" Pewter Brooklyn Cone Pendant Lamp
  14. Brass Globe Collection Pendant Lamp
    From £69
  15. Black Bulkhead Outdoor / Bathroom Wall Light

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