With new brands cropping up every week, it can be hard to keep up with who’s doing what. From homeware through to desk accessories, OPUMO stocks brands to watch through every discipline, and they’re all linked by one thing: a focus on great design.

If you’re on the look out for emerging brands with a focus on design and production, or interested in what new releases are on the market, you’re in the right place. Here are our brands of the week.

Brands of the week:

About Vintage

Mixing classic watch design with contemporary details and up to date materials, About Vintage produces some of the most affordable minimal watches on sale today. With styles ranging from dress watches through to diving watches, About Vintage is the go-to brand for those after style and substance. 

  1. Stone White Classic T Shirt
  2. Cyrpress / Gold Hooded Chase Hoodie
  3. CQP
    Ghost Stride Sneakers
  4. Grey Marble TR Bulb Table Lamp
  5. Blue Herringbone Socks
  6. Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder
  7. Classic Stuff it Box Case
  8. Rutheniam Oval Pendant
  9. Moss Stone Alston Trousers

Utility Archive

Utility Archive’s signature design cues can be found throughout its product range, from its zipped organisers to its functional backpacks. Taking its inspiration from the world of hiking, Utility Archive’s bags are incredibly purposeful but also sustainable, often made from 100% recycled polyester and with PFC-free waterproof finishes. 

  1. Fjord Range Travel 55L Backpack
  2. Basalt Fold Roll Small 16L Backpack
  3. Lichen Arc 4L Utility Pack
  4. Clay Range Travel 55L Backpack
  5. Fjord Arc 4L Utility Pack
  6. Fjord Fold Roll Large 28L Backpack
  7. Lichen Tor Flap 25L Backpack
  8. Lichen Range Travel 55L Backpack
  9. Basalt Arc 4L Utility Pack
  10. Lichen Fold Roll Small 16L Backpack
  11. Ore Fell Zip 30L Basalt Backpack


Based in Amsterdam, ETQ prides itself on manufacturing some of the best minimal sneakers around. From its pared-back LT 01 model through to its sports-inspired LT 04, ETQ utilises the finest leathers and construction methods, resulting in trainers that will look as good now as they will in five years time. 

  1. Maroon LT 01 Sneakers
  2. Mineral Green LT 01 Sneakers
  3. Ash Premium LT 01 Sneakers
    £247 £124
  4. Sunflower LT 01 Sneakers
  5. Black Tencel LT 01 Sneakers
  6. Blueberry LT 03 Sneakers
  7. Cement LT 01 Sneakers
  8. Violet LT 01 Sneakers
  9. Blueberry MT 02 Sneakers
  10. Money Green LT 01 Sneakers
  11. Marine Blue LT 01 Sneakers


Founded by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall in 2004, Vitamin manages to design minimal home accessories with plenty of character. From its simple bar stools to its colourful pendant lighting and its much-talked-about IV drip plant pot, Vitamin designs are characterised by their simple, beautiful form and playful edge. 

Beyond Object

Beyond Object does that difficult task of making ordinary items special. Its range of seemingly basic objects, from pencil sharpeners to tape dispensers, receive an attention to detail usually reserved for luxury items. Indeed, a Beyond Object product can bring joy to the smallest of moments. We’re big fans of the brand’s Curvo wall clocks, which add an analogue charm to any room of the house. 

  1. Matte Black Cantili Tape Dispenser
  2. Champagne Gold Dueto Dual Function Pen
  3. Black Avani Candle Holder
  4. Gun Metal Transparency Memory Stick
  5. Silver Avani Candle Holder
  6. Copper Avani Candle Holder
  7. Pure Black Transparency Memory Stick
  8. Gun Metal 16GB Empty Structure Memory Stick
  9. Copper Silo Wall Clock
  10. Gold Avani Candle Holder
  11. Rose Gold 16GB Empty Structure Memory Stick
  12. Silver Silo Wall Clock
  13. Gold Pencil Sharpener & Paper Weight

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