Mr. Rain, we’ve been expecting you... It’s always a surprise how powerful the 'grass is greener’ effect really is. Having looked forward to the opportunity to wear layers and heavy coats for the past month, we’re now making a swift 180-degree turn to sprint back towards the bright light of summer but the doors are closing much too quickly. Unfortunately, it seems that the days of arriving at work with dry clothes are behind us and it feels as though they never even happened. The dull weather is here to stay, so let’s make the most of it. Between Wednesday 2nd October and Sunday 13th October, London will be treated to eleven days of the best new films from upcoming and established directors thanks to the BFI London Film Festival. What’s more, the showings will take place in warm, dry cinemas across the capital.

With so many films to choose from, it’s best to target a few features. We think that four films over the festival period is a good number so here are the movies we have our hearts set on and, most importantly, how we’re planning to get to the cinemas in a dry, presentable condition.

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Le Mans ’66

When: Thu 10th Oct 19:15 & 20:05 / Fri 11th Oct 14:00

Where: Odeon Luxe Leicester Square & Embankment Garden Cinema

This hair-raising buddy film directed by James Mangold stars Matt Damon and Christian Bale, two strong-minded car lovers – namely Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles – who battle through corporate obstacles in the attempt to raise Ford above the almighty reign of Ferrari. Shelby, one of the few Americans to win the 24-hour Le Mans marathon leaves his racing career for health reasons and turns to car design. His chosen driver? The attitude-heavy (understatement) Ken Miles. From the masterful script to gripping racing scenes, this is a must-watch for motor heads and films amateurs alike.

We all know that there are few things less pleasant than sitting down in wet trousers, especially when you’ll be sitting for a run time of 152 minutes. Opt for Rains’ Blue Long Jacket which drops below the waist to ensure at least a dry seat.

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The Lighthouse

When: Sat 5th Oct 21:30 / Sun 6th Oct 11:10 / Fri 11th Oct 15:30

Where: Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, Embankment Garden Cinema & Odeon Tottenham Court Road

If you’ve seen director Robert Eggers’ debut The Witch, then you’ve probably got a fair idea about what’s set to happen in this dark, foreboding period feature. Memorable performances from Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson embellish a gritty script and truly sinister storyline. Dread sets in from the moment that Ephraim (Pattinson) arrives at Tom Wakes’ (Dafoe) old lighthouse on the coast of New England and, from this moment on, it only intensifies. When Ephraim discovers the mysterious fate of Wakes’ previous assistant, this menacing film really takes off. Not one for the faint of heart, but for those who are ready for a beautiful, shocking journey, this is certainly worth the ride.

While it may bring you closer to the damp reality of a lighthouse keeper, nobody likes having wet shoes. Pull on the stylish waterproof suede uppers of North 89’s Carbon Waterproof No-1 Sneakers. An extra coat can’t hurt, either, so top up with Sneakers ER Conditioner.

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When: Wed 9th Oct 19:00 & 20:15 / Thu 10th Oct 11:45 / Sun 13th Oct 17:30

Where: Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, Embankment Garden Cinema & Vue West End

Steve Coogan's characters are notoriously men of many teeth, but Richard McCreadie – the main character of Greed – has just knocked Alan Partridge off his dental throne. An obtrusively white smile begins Greed, the story of McCreadie who has earned his riches in high-street fashion and, having just escaped several fraud investigations, wants to set the record straight with the 50th-birthday party to end all birthday parties. With the help of his mother, ex-wife, daughter and more satyrical characters, the celebration descends into chaos.

Directed by Michael Winterbottom, Greed is a masterclass in how to approach serious conversations with disarming humour so we’re taking the Ucon Acrobatics Black Stealth Colin Backpack so that we can take notes on a bone-dry notepad throughout.

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Knives Out

When: Tue 8th Oct 19:30 & 20:30 / Wed 9th Oct 11:30 / Sun 13th Oct 14:45

Where: Odeon Luxe Leicester Square, Embankment Garden Cinema & Empire Haymarket

Backed by a cast of superstars, Rian Johnson’s Knives Out makes reference to crime classics while proposing a refreshing new eye for the genre. When Harlan Thrombey – a crime-fiction writer at the pinnacle of his career – is found dead, Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) suspects foul play. Packed with tongue-in-cheek references as well as tangling twists, Johnson ensures that this film is comfortably relatable as well as strikingly innovative.

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Follow the link for more information on the BFI London Film Festival.

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