Inspired by Californian skateboard culture and the bohemians of 1970s Venice Beach, Floyd has created a range of smooth, durable and colourful travel cases that put spirit, style and character into travelling. The result of twenty years’ experience in high-end luggage production, Floyd travel cases are made from premium hard-shell polycarbonate alongside modern versions of the iconic polyurethane wheels that made skateboarding so popular in the seventies. These wheels lend the suitcases a bold stance and promise a remarkably smooth, soft and silent ride. 

While travel suitcases have long been designed to be inconspicuous and rather boring, Floyd’s lightweight suitcases bring a new lease of life to the world of hard-shell luggage. Not only are these cases highly functional, they look amazing and make a statement. Here’s how.

Floyd Check-In Suitcase

Floyd’s large suitcase, the Floyd Check-In fits 61 litres and weighs only 5.1kg. That’s a pretty strong ratio, especially when you consider how hard-wearing and sturdy the high-end polycarbonate Makrolon shell is. Original polyurethane wheels are the distinctive feature of all Floyd hard-shell suitcases. The wheels, inspired by those used for skateboards, ensure a smooth journey that we guarantee you’ve never felt before. 

Within this 4-wheel suitcase you’ll find a striking orange divider which promises a new era of organisation for you. Gone are the days of stuffing and hoping, Floyd’s divided interior allows you to partition your luggage, giving you more room and more peace of mind. 

The Cabin Suitcase

Sizing down from 61 litres to 41 litres, the Cabin Suitcase also boasts a polycarbonate Makrolon shell to protect your valuables. What really stands out on the Cabin suitcase is the exacting eye for detail shown by Floyd. Even on this small cabin suitcase, the label offers all of the trimmings: clever packing dividers, polyurethane wheels, super-durable expandable aluminium handle, three-figure combination lock and an eye-catching range of colours.

Need any more proof that Floyd offers the smoothest ride of all suitcases? Take a look at the video below to see why Floyd is the only suitcase brand that’s still got mojo.

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