Scandinavia — in particular Sweden — has no shortage of great furniture studios, collectives and brands, but one of the region's most impressive exports to date is certainly Hem. The vanguard design label was founded in 2014 by Petrus Palmér upon the basis of creating beautiful objects that "offer new perspectives, invite interpretation, and inspire conversation".

Hem collaborates with top-notch designer-makers whose practices reflect the label's innovative outlook. Recent partnerships have seen the likes of Faye Toogood, Sabine Marcelis and Fabien Cappello lend their eye and expertise to the Scandinavian furniture design powerhouse. These creative collaborations result in furniture that is unique, understated and incredibly high-quality, consciously crafted according to traditional techniques rather than mass-produced.

In typical Swedish style, Hem's furniture and furnishing designs are pared back and practical, combining a simple and clean aesthetic with utmost functionality in a bid to enrich everyday life. Scandi minimalism may be a driving characteristic of the brand's design language, but this doesn't preclude it from experimenting with colour and form: expect flamboyantly coloured powder-coated pendant lights, boldly patterned rugs and innovative shelving and storage configurations. Imagination is deeply embedded in Hem's DNA. Such originality and vision signals the heralding of a new era in Scandinavian furniture design, one that isn't restrained or limited by expectation. Bring it on.

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