The Hummer is an American legend, created for war zones, adopted as a go-anywhere survival truck and now available with 1,000 bhp of electric power and a bespoke Hummer interior its original designers wouldn’t recognise. This unlikely Hummer is the creation of EV restomod specialists North American Electric Vehicles (NAEV) and it may just be the most unlikely candidate yet for an environmentally friendly makeover.


The ambitious Canadians at NAEV call their creation the Cyber-Hummer H1 EV, a huge slab-sided monster with a sports-oriented Hummer interior that started life as a worn-out 1991 AM General Humvee. The work at NAEV HQ, in a small town in British Columbia, was extensive: original engine taken out, every component stripped back and re-finished, Hummer H1 interior discarded - and a powerful Tesla all-electric powertrain installed.

Like everything that NAEV do, the Cyber-Hummer with its unique Hummer EV interior is a one-off, rather than a vehicle in series production. Founder Jeff Kotulak had already electrified a Porsche or two. “I started thinking, ‘What else is out there’,” says this EV restomod pioneer. Was there a Hummer interior voice just crying out for a new beginning after a hard fossil-fuelled life? If there was it demanded hard work: “There’s no such thing as a kit. It’s not like we’re building model aeroplanes here,” Kotulak says.

So if you’re thinking they went with a Hummer H2 interior to upgrade the Cyber-Hummer you’d be wrong. What’s happened inside is just as radical as the battery-power this EV restomod now boasts. The new Hummer EV interior boasts bespoke sports seats, substantial speakers to carry the bass on your favourite heavy metal tracks and a range of touch screens to control every aspect of the Cyber-Hummer.

You’ll need to be strapped into those seats in the fashionably black Hummer interior to cope with all of that newly-installed electric power, with 60 mph coming up in a barely believable 3.5 seconds, which matches the pace of rather more aerodynamic vehicles, such as an Aston Martin DBS. Want to be nestled in that reimagined Hummer H? Around £100,000 will get your there. Our advice: watch out James Bond.

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