Since its inception in 2013, London-based label L'Estrange has made a name for itself as a trail-blazer in the world of sustainable menswear. Championing a less-is-more philosophy, L'Estrange creates timeless and long-lasting capsule wardrobe essentials that don't have to be replaced each season. Now, the label is taking its eco-conscious approach to the next level, with the launch of a game-changing product designed to lengthen the lifespan of clothing items.

Introducing Re_Fresh: a world-first laundry tablet that rejuvenates old clothing to restore it to its former glory, doubling the life-cycle of each item and reducing garment waste in the process.

Re-Fresh is the result of a partnership with leading enzyme scientist Harm Kuilderd, who formulated the tablet using cellulase, an enzyme produced by bacteria and fungi that is completely natural, vegan and cruelty-free. With the power of this enzyme, Re_Fresh gently removes a fine layer of a clothing item's old fibres, revealing the vibrant colour underneath and giving the garment new life.

To use Re-Fresh, simply select up to three items that you want to refresh, place them in the washing machine with one Re-Fresh tablet and set the washing machine to a 30-degree cycle for at least 60 minutes. Dry as normal and notice the difference!

If you're looking to streamline your wardrobe and reduce your consumption, Re-Fresh is a no-brainer. It's a win for your wardrobe and a win for the planet.

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