Situated in the Southwest of Sri Lanka, K House is a collaborative project between Norm Architects and Aim Architecture that stands against the adverse conditions while maintaining a stylish, homely feeling.



Both Norm Architects and Aim Architecture are known for their pared-back projects, an aspect that worked fluently in this project. While the interiors of the two-part property – made up of East House and West House – are dominated by raw concrete and terrazzo, hits of oiled teak and terracotta lend the space a warmth that concrete structures often lack.


Although the weather in Sri Lanka isn’t known for being extreme, K House’s proximity to the shores of the Indian Ocean influenced the architects’ material choices. Taking into consideration the onshore winds carrying salt, the decision was made to use only materials with longevity.


Through intelligent use of decoration, Norm and Aim have preserved the desired minimality of the development without leaving the walls and surfaces completely empty. White walls host locally sourced antique artworks which work to connect the modern interior with its ancient surroundings.

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