For a micro-stay on the edge of a beguiling forest, what more could you want than a meticulously designed tiny cabin? Pioneering Polish off-grid specialists Redukt believe that small is not just beautiful but downright perfect.


Their tiny home cabins are clad in a choice of light plywood or the classy dark option you see here, ideal for hiding in the woods, where Redukt's experimental tiny cabin as micro-hotel is sited.

There’s no room service but in case you get bored with the location, every Redukt tiny cabin is built on a trailer for a moving day with a difference. As these masters of the micro put it: "No stress that you are making some kind of irrevocable decision for the rest of your life.” Don’t like the view? Find a new one. We’re not sure they’ll move their hotel for you, but you can always ask.

Step inside to find the interior of your tiny cabin is as light as the exterior is dark. Pale plywood and natural materials abound, double glass doors bring the outdoors in, while a wood burner - there’s plenty of fuel outside, after all - nestles in a corner. There’s kitchen and bathroom facilities, and your personal deck just beyond those doors awaits for evening cocktails as the sun sets over your tiny home cabin.

Simplicity of purpose and appearance conceal serious design thought and technology. Organic materials are used throughout and your tiny cabin’s wooden frame is fully thermally insulated, while infrared foil to the floors further ensures you’ll be cosy even as temperatures plummet. Every Redukt tiny cabin is a living exercise in minimalism, both calm and meditative, making their micro-hotel ideal for your next zen retreat. You might just be converted to an entirely different way of living.

Like what you see? Well, this glass cabin is just as captivating.