As small chinks begin to appear in the wall of gunmetal-grey cloud that has clustered in the sky all year, it’s finally time to leave behind the cold, wintry colours of black, white and navy in favour of soft, pastel colours. The great thing about spring style – no matter how late that it comes around – is that you are not confined to one colour.

This year, in a slight shift across the colour chart, pastels take over from camel and khaki as the go-to colour tone. Which means you have a great variety of colours to choose from. But, with greater freedom comes greater margin for error. So, to help you out, we’ve pulled together essential tips and pieces to ensure you know how to wear pastels and prints this season.

The Pastel Trainer

If you’re still a little skeptical around pastel colours, look to a pair of pastel trainers, such as the Common Project Nude Original Achilles Low Sneakers. The neutral pastel trainers will anchor the more attention-getting shade and turn it into an accent rather than the main event. As pastels are often softer, smoother colours, they can be more versatile than bright summer colours too. So you’re less likely to create a clash when working with subtle shades such as black jeans, grey trousers etc.

The Pastel Jumper

Pastel colours are a more refined and timeless alternative to primary colours, which makes them a lot easier to wear through spring. Take a pastel jumper, for example. As a cotton jumper is a perennial essential - you know you’re going to be wearing it all year long – you can consider investing in a less-than-safe colour. Look to pastel dye colours or alternative washed colours as they will settle and improve with age. You’ll no doubt be turning to it throughout the year, so when worn with darker denim, it will also set the right tone too.

Here’s 3 Pastel Jumpers You Should Be Investing In This Spring:

The Pastel Shirt

Despite the length and breadth of pastel style ideas out there, sometimes it pays to keep things simple. And by simple we mean sticking to the old tried and tested – cheering up a bit of summer tailoring with a classic pastel shirt. We suggest matching up a simple lightweight cotton shirt – such as the Pink Dean Shirt from YMC or even the more relaxed Marvin Shirt from Soulland – under a dark jacket. The simple piece of pop colour will represent the laid-back attitude of summer whilst keeping things relaxed and comfortable in the climbing temperatures.


Opumo Ron Dorff

The Pastel T-Shirt

The simplest way to wear pastels this spring is with a simple men’s t-shirt. If you’re investing in this pastel trend, a t-shirt, such as the Calcio Zen Garden Tee from British brand Satta, will be more than appropriate. Plus, due to its light pastel colour hue, the casual t-shirt will look its best when worn with light coloured jeans – making it a staple in your transitional spring-summer wardrobe.

The Pastel Shorts

When it comes to wearing pastels in summer, it’s important not to overdo it. By which we mean not wearing head-to-toe pastel pink or blue. Instead, you should switch pastels up with a contrasting, neutral colour in order to pare back your look.

Pastel shorts are the type of item that you’ll want to bank up until the real height of summer, so it pays in investing in a pair now. Look to a soft, lightweight and incredibly comfortable pair of tailored swim shorts – tailored so they can easily transition from the beach to the street – such as the latest releases from Soulland and Nikben. Featuring a drawstring waist and a pair of side pockets, the pastel-coloured shorts can be easily paired to a simple white tee or a soft-touch shirt in a denim-like shade of blue.

Opumo Nikben

How To Wear Pastels Key Points To Consider:

  • Keep things simple – don’t overdo it by wearing a variety of different pastel colours
  • Match pastel colours to neutral tones
  • Swap pop colours for pastels
  • Keep things casual by matching pastel colours to block colours and light denim
  • Wear a classic pastel shirt to liven up tailoring in summer

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