Will your next pendant lamp be of concrete? Inspired by Japan? Or be made of reclaimed high fashion yarn? Young up-and-coming designers have seized upon harmonious geometric forms - from imagination, nature and tradition - to create lighting pieces that will come to define your living and working spaces. Choosing a piece that adds to your personal interior style is key whether your pendant lamp is in use or not. These innovative pieces are designed to both complement and enhance their environment, while providing exactly the right level of lighting for their chosen function. We've chosen some of the best geometric pendant lights for you to choose from.

Best geometric pendant lights in 2024

GANTlights [B5] Pendant Light Cubic Big

Brutalist Berlin style for your home. Architect Stefan Gant has a vision for each of his starkly minimalist lights: to turn your rooms into what he calls "unique interior spaces". GANT's [B5], his labelling as minimalist as his output, is cast from light grey concrete, left deliberately rough to contrast with a gold leaf interior. Painstakingly hand-crafted by specialists in a small factory in Berlin's Friedrichshain district, the result is as much art piece as pendant light.

Hem Alphabeta Pendant Light Uno Pink/Green by Luca Nichetto

Venetian designer Luca Nichetto is in love with colour and that love is vigorously on show in his playful Alphabeto Pendant Light Uno, designed for Hem to complement and contrast with your interiors, whatever their colourway. Light is bidirectional - from bottom and top - allowing the Alphabeto to be both ambient and spotlight. Metal wire hanging allows for undulating cable. Crafting of all parts is in Italy, the better rigorously to guarantee the highest quality.

Soho Home Kyoto Chandelier

The serene minimalism of Japan provides the inspiration for Soho Home's take on a highly contemporary chandelier, that and the interiors of Soho House's White City outpost, in the 1960s surroundings of BBC Television Centre. Finish is in white linen, with a strictly symmetrical layered design. Soho Home suggest the Kyoto Chandelier will be a perfect bedroom upgrade, and we think they're too modest: as a calming living room piece this has few equals.

Made Yao Ceiling Light, Grey by Omayra Maymó

Spanish architect and designer Omayra Maymó says she wants her designs to tell stories and to evoke emotions. Her Yao Ceiling Light for Made is a sculptural piece that does just that: playing with our perception of shape and balance, asking questions about what we're actually seeing. Clean lines and grey powder-coated finish make the Yao Ceiling Light an easy - and striking - complement to all and any interior design plan.

HAY Collection Bonbon Shade 500 Earth Tones

A striking lesson in stylish sustainability from New York-based Serbian designer Ana Kras, here transforming leftover nylon-wool yarn from the fashion industry into a subtle centrepiece. Handwoven colourway over geometric steel structure is softy sophisticated, with mid-century tones that both warm when lit and meld with contemporary interiors. Yarn trim defines the shape, further enhancing an elegant piece.

HK Living Metal Triangle Pendant Lamp M Matt Black

Minimalist design comes no cleaner and clearer than HK Living's Metal Triangle Pendant Lamp. Designers Emiel Hetsen and Sander Klaver - their surname initials form their brand's name - seek to merge creativity with mathematics to create simple yet beautiful pieces for your home. Perfect over a dining table to create an intimate ambience, or as a reading light with your favourite Eames chair. A home office essential, too.

Fritz Hansen Calabash™ Pendant P2 Black Meteor by Komplot Design

Boris Berlin and Poul Christiansen created Komplot Design to renew Dutch design traditions, combining experimental approach with innovative production techniques. Here their inspiration is the geometry of nature, their Calabash™ Pendant P2 drawing on the supple form of the calabash pumpkin. Textured finish to aluminium structure adds an edge to any interior. Perfect on its own - or in groups of three, or more.

Jean-François Crochet for Terzani Gaia Pendant Lamp

Designer Jean-François Crochet is channelling Gaia, Earth Goddess, in this remarkable piece. Geometric frames in precious metals use LED technology to create light through the spaces between the shapes themselves. Idea is that the whole resembles a mountain range. As a dining room conversation piece, the Gaia has few equals and Terzani will work with you to create your own bespoke version of Crochet's vision.

Belid Fold Office Pendant L110 Black

Home office lighting? Stylishly sorted. Scandinavian minimalists Belid design and make all of their form-follows-function lighting in their own Swedish factory. That craftsmanship and no-compromise rigorous design ethos is elegantly evident in their Fold Office Pendant. LED technology allows for both indirect and direct lighting, while dimming is readily available by two easily-accessible switches to create your perfect working environment.

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