Luxury housewarming gifts are a testament to the joy of celebrating a loved one's new abode with opulence and thoughtfulness. When friends or family members move into a new space, it's an opportunity to help them transform a house into a home, filled with comfort, style, and sophistication. These gifts not only convey your warm wishes but also enhance the ambiance and aesthetics of their living space, making it a truly memorable occasion.


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Luxury housewarming gifts for the living room

Vase: Hem

The Acid Vase by Gustav Winsth is the ideal housewarming gift. Beyond its striking appearance, this limited edition vase showcases a clever design with welded smiley lines that secure both flowers and water. Anodized to reveal a vibrant lime hue, it's supported by a terrazzo concrete base, ensuring durability and style. Handmade and unique, it's a one-of-a-kind addition to any home. Curated by Arranging Things and made exclusively for Hem, this vase is a true showstopper.

TV stand: Pedestal

The Moon Rollin' TV Stand from Pedestal combines a playful design language with soft, curved lines, creating a distinctive look in the Pipe series. Despite its playful appearance, the stand boasts sturdy steel construction, guaranteeing stability and durability.

Ashtray: Closed x Giorgio Di Palma

The Ceramic Ashtray by Closed, a limited edition by artist Giorgio Di Palma, is a luxury art piece. Meticulously handmade in Italy, it reimagines everyday objects, adding conceptual significance and irony to functionless yet thought-provoking creations.

Lounge chair: Hem

The Puffy Lounge Chair from Hem epitomizes the essence of luxury housewarming gifts. Designed by Faye Toogood, it seamlessly combines two contrasting elements—a robust, tubular steel frame inspired by classic modernist design and sumptuous, quilt-like upholstery. This juxtaposition creates a striking yet inviting piece of furniture that exudes both strength and comfort.

Luxury housewarming gifts for the dining room

Mug: Foret

The BEAN Enamel Mug from Foret offers sturdiness and practicality for a perfect cup of coffee at home or on the go. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life with this UK-made mug, featuring a white exterior with a black rim and a white interior.

Coaster set: Hem

The Disco Coaster Set from Hem is a practical choice for luxury housewarming gifts. Designed by Luc Fuller of Spiritual Objects, these coasters infuse pure graphic joy into any room. Crafted from high-quality, thick Italian leather, they protect furniture while adding a touch of party-ready charm.

Rug: Nordic Knots

The Square Rug from Nordic Knots, an ideal choice for luxury housewarming gifts, brings modern bohemian elegance to any space. Skillfully crafted from New Zealand wool in earthy hues, this flat weave rug features refined graphic squares that elevate your home decor. Its versatile design allows you to use both sides of the rug, providing flexibility and warmth to their living space.

Plate set: Soho Home

The Nero Side Plate set of four from Soho Home, crafted in Portugal from durable stoneware, draws inspiration from the textures of Soho House Barcelona. It features matte speckle glaze on the outside and seafoam reactive gloss glaze on the inside, replicating the play of light on the Mediterranean Sea.

Wood platter: Soho Home

The Balfern Petrified Wood Platter from Soho Home is an ideal choice for luxury housewarming gifts. Crafted from 20 million-year-old petrified wood from Indonesia, each platter showcases the unique natural characteristics of this fossilized wood. Individually cut, sanded, and polished by skilled artisans in Indonesia, these platters are a testament to the beauty of natural materials.

Luxury housewarming gifts for the kitchen

Grinder: Hem

The Molino Grinder from Hem is not just a kitchen essential but a functional sculpture, perfect for luxury housewarming gifts. Designed by Fabien Cappello, it captures the exuberance of Mexico with its blown-up stripy form. Crafted from turned solid beech wood and individually hand-painted, each Molino grinder is a unique work of art.

Table mortar: Hem

The Table Mortar from Hem, designed by Mark Braun, combines functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from high-quality European marble, it efficiently crushes spices while serving as a decorative display piece. Choose from three distinct marble options to complement your interior decor.

Cutting board: FARMA

The Cutting Board by FARMA, available at Closed, is a luxurious addition to any kitchen and a perfect choice for luxury housewarming gifts. Designed in collaboration with Dry Studios, this square wooden board features a clean design with brass detail. Crafted from natural oak in Portugal and oiled with food-safe vegetable oil, it's both functional and stylish.

Knife set: ProCook

The Damascus 67 Knife Set from ProCook is the ultimate luxury housewarming gift. This set includes 9cm paring, 13cm utility, and 20cm chef's knives, all housed in a magnetic oak knife block. Crafted from a VG10 core encased in 66 layers of Japanese Damascus stainless steel, these knives offer striking and unique blades with unrivaled sharpness.

Coffee machine: Smeg

The Manual Espresso Coffee Machine from Smeg is the epitome of luxury housewarming gifts. With its 50s style aesthetic, it guarantees the best espresso experience. Featuring a Thermoblock heating system for faster preparation and precise temperature control, this compact machine saves space and includes a removable drip tray for easy cleaning. With 15-bar pump power, it consistently delivers correct espresso extraction and offers functions for single and double espresso.

Luxury housewarming gifts for the office

Charging tray: Carl Friedrik

The Charging Tray from Carl Friedrik is a versatile luxury housewarming gift. This sleek accessory combines wireless device charging - supporting iPhone 8 and newer, Android devices, Airpods and any device with Qi compatibility - with an organized leather tray to streamline daily routines.

Desk shelf: Oakywood

The Oakywood Desk Shelf is designed to enhance workspace organization. It accommodates two screens or an ultrawide monitor, elevating your devices to free up space underneath for essential accessories like a keyboard, headphones, or a notebook.

Cable organiser: Pedestal

The Cable House by Pedestal is a sleek solution to declutter cables, power strips, and accessories. With its crisp design and convenient handle, it serves as a portable power distributor for your home. It can be placed on a shelf, floor, or desk, and its rubber feet provide stability on any surface. Choose from three elegant colors: Charcoal, Pearl, and Ultra Marine.

Underdesk organizer: Oakywood

Oakywood's Underdesk Organizer is the solution to cable clutter, enhancing workspace efficiency. This organizer tidies up unsightly cable coils, eliminates tripping hazards, and neatly conceals cords beneath their desk for an upgraded and organized workspace.

Wall clock: Hem

The Speculo Wall Clock from Hem, designed by Silje Lindrup, melds art, craft, and function. Hand-blown and silvered by the artist herself, each of the limited edition of 12 clocks is one-of-a-kind, with a distinct highlighted number, adding a unique touch to their home office.

Luxury housewarming gifts for the bedroom

Suit hanger: Arterton

The Arterton Signature Suit Hanger by Nakata is a thoughtful gift that combines craftsmanship and functionality. Crafted from solid European Beechwood and stained in signature colors, it's designed to preserve the condition of fine garments. The contoured shoulder area provides support to coats, jackets, and suits, while the fully rotatable polished steel hanger in Gold chrome adds a touch of elegance.

Smart heater: BOLDR

The Kelvin Smart Heater by BOLDR is a cost-effective solution for energy-efficient heating. It includes a wireless smart thermostat and grants access to the BOLDR mobile app, allowing your recipient to save money and live sustainably. Installation is simple, and it requires zero maintenance, making it a hassle-free choice for eco-conscious living.

Throw blanket: Hem

The Stripe Throw Blanket from Hem, designed by Arthur Arbesser, is an interesting addition to any home and a perfect choice for luxury housewarming gifts. Crafted from superfine Merino wool and cotton, it showcases Arbesser's unique talent for bold graphic prints, drawing inspiration from Vienna's architecture and design heritage.

Table lamp: Hem

The Knuckle Table Lamp from Hem is a harmonious blend of organic and geometric design, making it an exceptional choice for luxury housewarming gifts. Designed by David Taylor, it draws inspiration from his signature bent extruded aluminum art pieces, resulting in a visually balanced and fluid lamp.

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