There are certain items that just beg to be worn come summertime. Whether you’re relaxing on a rooftop somewhere, on vacation or just taking it easy at home, these pieces will take your summer wardrobe up a notch. 

From lightweight knitwear to the perfect T-shirt, here are seven menswear items that’ll improve your summer style game. 

Penny loafers - G.H. Bass & Co

A quintessential warm weather shoe, penny loafers have long been associated with spring and summer, and before the popularisation of sneakers, were the only shoes you’d want to be wearing when it heats up.

This is in part due to their soft construction and slip on nature but also because of the shoe’s inherent comfort, which made it perfect for ‘loafing’ around. G.H. Bass invented the style, and are the only brand to turn to if you crave authenticity and an unrivalled silhouette. 

Summer knitwear - Artknit

Knitwear might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of dressing for summer, but it should be. We’re not talking about chunky fisherman’s knits or rollneck jumpers, but lightweight, short sleeve knitted polos. This linen/cotton mix shirt from Artknit Studios ticks all the boxes, making for a more breathable alternative to cotton shirting. 

Swimwear - Nikben

A summer wardrobe isn’t complete without the right swimwear. A pair of well chosen shorts is not only perfect for the beach or pool, but can be worn away from them too. A case in point is this Nikben pair, which boasts an all over safari print over a pale pink base. Try wearing them with neutral basics and plain white sneakers to allow them to be the focal point of a look.

T-shirt - Shon Mott

Few garments are as suited to warm weather as the humble T-shirt. Regardless of which colour you choose, a 100% cotton tee will serve you well, and can be worn with virtually anything. Shon Mott’s take is cut with a tailored fit and features a single chest pocket - ideal for storing sunglasses. 

Sunglasses - MONC

Speaking of which, a pair of sunglasses is often the finishing touch to a summer look, both visually and protection wise. Provided they have UV protection, sunglasses can both look cool and offer the necessary protection for your eyes - as found in this MONC pair - which is more important during the summer months when the sun is at its highest for longest. 

Watch - NOMOS

A minimal watch may not strictly be a summer accessory, but it can certainly improve on a look that was otherwise lacking. This is especially the case when it’s paired with a canvas NATO-style strap, which not only looks cool but is far more comfortable in the heat than leather or metal bracelet alternatives.

NOMOS’ Club Campus Neomatik 39 makes use of such a strap, giving it a tonal blue look that’d pair well with pleated shorts, a knitted polo and the aforementioned loafers.  

Bag - Carl Friedrik

Whether you work from home or are beginning to head back to the office, Carl Friedrik’s Vallance slim leather briefcase may be the bag you didn’t know you needed for summer and beyond. Crafted from Italian Vachetta leather and with a heavy-duty Raccagni zipper, this bag is made to last, and its size makes it ideal for summer commutes, when you need to carry less yet still have everything you need with you. 

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