They’re lightweight, hi-tech and - as their name more than suggests - out for a good time. MessyWeekend's boundary-breaking sunglasses and ski goggles combine Scandinavian style and the latest technology to create highly desirable sophisticated-with-flair collections. Danish minimalism guarantees effortlessly on-trend design while maximum protection means eyes are fashionably safe whatever the beach, the ski slopes - or that garden barbecue - may throw at you.

This is premium eyewear with a smile on its face. Co-founders Morten Heick and Marc Østerskov have come up with a series of tightly edited collections which place the emphasis on classic looks-with-a-twist, with the latest advances in protection know-how. All sunglasses and ski goggles offer UV400 protection, both UVA and UVB. Advances in frame materials allow for easy, lightweight fit. Anti-scratch lenses? Of course.

When it comes to skiing, it's safe to say MessyWeekend are keen on making the most of life both on and off the slopes. MessyWeekend's skiwear collections offer the ideal companions, with a choice between high-contrast XE2 or top-rated photochromic XEp lenses fitted to meticulously designed goggles. There's a selection of other accessories, too. As if that wasn’t enough, the company's MessySnow initiatives offer free online ski tuition through a dedicated YouTube channel.

All of MessyWeekend's sunglasses and goggles are conceived to make the most out of the great outdoors, which makes the company's environmental and sustainability commitments all the more apt. An emphasis on durability - plant-based acetates and hi-tech Swiss-engineered TR90 plastics are key - means these aren't just accessories that look and feel great, but that they're designed for a lifetime. Waste is kept to a minimum.

Partnerships include working with the charity 4thePlanet to create the Origines project. For each MessyWeekend pair sold, two kilograms of plastic waste is collected from the ocean along the Pacific coast of Columbia.  "Together with the NGO and locals we raise awareness for the plastic problem," say MessyWeekend, "and work on a sustainable recycling system for the collected plastic waste."

It's no exaggeration to say MessyWeekend are reinventing sunglasses and ski goggles, adding a focus on materials, design excellence and sustainability to the carefree ethos promised in their name. Now, which way to the beach?

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