We recently interviewed Sofia and Ludvig who founded Inabo, the Swedish label making some of the best men’s slippers in the world. During our chat, we got onto the subject of the night in – dropping your plans in favour of a cosy evening in. It's very likely that we'll be spending more nights in than we'd like to in the near future. This got us thinking: the night in is a subjective thing, while there are common denominators – Netflix, for example – we all have our own idea of the perfect night in. We began to discuss our essential features of a night in and were pretty surprised by the range of priorities. So amazed, actually, that we collated some of our top choices from Inabo, Artknit Studios, YMR Track Club, Industville and Piglet to give you the OPUMO guide to an evening in. 

Inabo Men’s Slowfer

Seeing as Inabo was the inspiration for this piece, we couldn’t leave it out. The first step to a successful night in is surely symbolically unlacing the shoes that you’ve been trapped in all day long and sliding your tired feet into a pair of luxury men’s slippers. Crafted from smooth black nappa leather, the Inabo Slowfer is – as the name suggests – inspired by classic men’s loafers, so this pair of men’s leather slippers is sure to add sophisticated appeal to your cosy night in.

Artknit Studios The Cashmere High-Neck 

If you don’t already own a men’s cashmere sweater, then you have never truly grasped what cosiness means. Change all of that with Artknit Studios’ The Cashmere High-Neck. This luxury men’s knitted sweater features a linear collar rather than a roll-neck for improved comfort. What we love most about this piece is its versatility: few sweaters can claim to look as good under a blazer as with a pair of jeans and even with your favourite jogging bottoms. 

YMR Track Club Track Attack Hoodie 

Perhaps you’re more of a night-in purist, in which case you might want to swap out the premium cashmere sweater for a classic men’s 1/4-zip hoodie. YMR Track Club’s Track Attack Hoodie is cut from premium cotton with a touch of stretch added for comfort. The label’s vintage-style logo runs across the chest in an eye-catching mustard hue just below the 1/4 zip closure that offers a high, cosy neckline.

Industville Sleek Cone Pendant

When the suggestion of an Industville pendant light came up in our discussion, it was initially met with confusion. However, after a brief and heartfelt explanation, it was confidently added to the list. Lighting plays a huge role in our mood, so it follows that with the right lighting we can set the perfect tone for a night in. Not only does the Industville Sleek Cone Pendant give off a warm light thanks to its copper finish and incandescent light bulb, it adds a new angle to any industrial interior design in your home. This industrial pendant light may be the key to a night in. 

Piglet Men’s Grey Linen Pyjama Trouser Set

Everybody knows that the climax to a cosy night in is climbing into bed. In many ways, spending a night in is a warm-up for the sleepy main event. Linen is the answer to a sound sleep because it’s warm and cosy in the winter but fresh and cool in the warmer months, meaning that you’ve always got a reason for a night in. We're opting for the Piglet Linen Pyjama Set. This men’s loungewear set is cut from 100% natural stonewashed flax and features white pearl buttons for a luxurious finish.

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