Monday swings around again and we can’t help but feel that time is speeding up at an alarming rate. The pressure of the big day feels like it’s just around the corner and with time going this quickly, it really is. What is left to organise? Have all of your presents been bought? If not, be sure to read our 2019 Christmas gift guide. Has the bird been ordered? Have family arguments been settled in advance? There’s a lot to think about over the next 16 days, but it’s important to take a minute to breathe and read through this week’s top 5 items to drop. We’re focussing on interiors this week, so if you’re hosting Christmas, take this opportunity to add some finishing touches to the setting from Menu, Phaidon, Rug Solid, Mater and Frama.

5 things

Menu Ash / Carbon Bottle Grinder 2 Pack

If there’s one meal all year that requires the best, it’s Christmas day's feast. Imagine using an old pepper grinder only to have it break and deposit its whole body of peppercorns on your plate. Menu’s Bottle Grinders say ‘no’ to any form of salt or pepper shaker issue. Taking the shape of a bottle, each grinder asks the user to engage with the design in a playful way. It’s not all play though, inside you’ll find a powerful ceramic mechanism that can easily tackle a range of spices, grains, nuts, seeds and even dried fruits.

Phaidon Chicken and Charcoal Book

If you went to Hong Kong and didn’t go to Yardbird did you even go to Hong Kong? The cult yakitori restaurant is famed for its irreverent approach to the traditional Japanese style, combining it with modern flavours and innovative experiences. In Chicken and Charcoal, head chef Matt Abergel reveals the magic behind the restaurant’s signature recipes with explanations on how they source, butcher, skewer and cook their dishes with no need for special equipment.

5 things

5 things

Mater Casted Iron Spike Candle Holder

Mater seems to be ticking every box at the moment. The brand’s focus on sustainability goes hand-in-hand with the pared-back designs that it champions. Designed by up-and-coming Danish designer Amanda Walther, the Casted Iron Spike Candle Holder is crafted using old sand-casting techniques from the region of Moradabad, India. In recent years, the sand-casting industry of the region has lost out to more industrial methods. Spike is made from old pipes, tubes and iron waste and provides the local craftsmen with work to help the industry survive.

Rug Solid Grey Gravel Landscape Rug

Rug Solid only uses sustainable materials to create its collection of modern, artisanal rugs. Read our take on Rug Solid's selection. The Grey Gravel Landscape Rug makes use of upcycled wool and Italian grained leather to reach its stylish, understated final destination. This piece is made in India by skilled artisans with generations of experience in hand weaving rugs using sustainable materials. The muted block colours of the Gravel Landscape Rug will slip seamlessly into most room styles and, once in, will elevate other bold pieces around them.

5 things

Frama Walnut Sutoa Shelf

There are few pieces of furniture more satisfyingly precise and attractive than Frama’s Walnut Sutoa Shelf. A minimal steel frame forms the supporting skeleton for the set of drawers, while solid walnut drawers of different sizes slot smoothly onto each level. The drawers get slightly smaller each time, creating a natural handle for each level and meaning that when the piece is not in use, the drawers pack away perfectly inside one another. Sutoa is a statement of functionality in balance with simplicity.

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