Despite the flurry of style advice that comes with every new season, one constant remains; the hunger for new sneakers. This winter, however, it’s not all about minimal, clean-lined leather styles as the rise of the statement sneaker and, more importantly, the hardened winter-ready sneaker means that there is a whole new world of footwear to explore. And thankfully, there’s a perfect new pair of sneakers for everyone this season with the latest drop from Filling Pieces.

Built with the brand’s classic approach to innovation, the all-new Filling Pieces AW17 ‘Move Without Barriers’ collection sees the progression of the brand’s classic low top sneaker alongside the introduction of multiple new silhouettes. The eclectic offering draws inspiration from the Dukha People, a nomadic tribe in Mongolia known for herding reindeer. The life-cycle of the animal helps perpetuate the Tsaatan culture, providing food and clothes for the tribe and the ideology of this culture speaks directly with Filling Pieces, as they have assembled a collection that mimics the ingenuity of the Tsaatan.

This new collection marks a new level of innovation for the footwear label, implementing heat-fused materials, and launching multiple new silhouettes into the lineup. For instance, the Low Field Boot is inspired by functional and waterproof boots that the Tsaatan fashion from reindeer hides, while the Low Legacy Arch Runner is a contemporary take on the running sneaker, constructed with nubuck leather and suede.

Take a closer look at three of our favourites from the latest Filling Pieces collection below and be sure to check out our ‘How to Wear: Filling Pieces’ guide and the all-important Filling Pieces Sizing Guide before you lace up your favourite pair.

The New Arrival – The Low Strike Knit Sneaker

Filling Pieces’ quest for innovation constantly leads them to explore novel materials and manufacturing techniques every new season. The Low Strike Arch Runner Cross Knit uses a novel jacquard knitting technique to create fully knitted uppers that are composed of five different stitching patterns. The uppers have been 3D knitted to reinforce areas of high stress and to allow for flexibility and breathability in other positions. While, the flexible nubuck lace stays and heel quarter help to secure the foot within the shoe without limiting movement. Which makes it the kind of sneaker that you will never want to take off.



The Luxurious Comfort – The Denver Tracking Cosmo Sneaker

The Denver Tracking Cosmo Sneaker is the definitive silhouette in the Filling Pieces ‘Move Without Barriers’ series as it epitomises the brand’s ability to push boundaries through innovative design. Entirely handcrafted, the Denver Tracker Cosmo is a fusion of vintage sneaker design and modern day luxury. The sculpted upper is built out of multiple different panels with perforated detailing and a slightly shorter tongue to its Filling Pieces compatriots. Down low, the Cosmo sole takes direct design cues from the world of off-road running, blending it with an athletic outsole and an aggressive tread pattern to increase the grip on rugged terrain.


The Winter Sneaker – The Low Field Boot

The Low Field Boot Sky Tsaatan is a modern reinterpretation of the functional and waterproof boots that the Tsaatan fashion from reindeer hides. Its rugged, tactical appearance is tempered by being composed of layers of butter-soft nubuck. The hybrid sneaker-boot design is finished with military details such as the thick heel pull and ankle padding, alongside high-quality hardware like a zip-up tongue and powder coated eyelets and lace hooks. What is more, Filling Pieces have added in a neoprene sock to complete the technical appearance and also to add a little more comfort and support.

Shop the latest collection from Filling Pieces at OPUMO and check out the Filling Pieces Sizing Guide to ensure you find the perfect fitting pair for you.

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