We all spend a lot of time in our jeans and for most of us, a good pair of jeans is one of the most trusted and well-worn pieces of clothing in our wardrobe. So, when A Day's March launch its second collection of signature denim - over two years from its debut drop - we thought you should be the first to know.

The new range of A Day's March jeans is designed with a higher waist and a more generous, slightly tapered, silhouette which lives up to their aim of manufacturing top-quality wardrobe essentials. 

A Day's March

We know it takes a lot to buy jeans - for something we wear so often we need them to be reliable; comfortable, good-looking and durable in its design. Plus, there's an incredible amount of variety out there; black jeans, blue jeans, skinny jeans; tapered, selvedge and even ripped jeans. Sometimes you think it's easier to stay with the old tried and tested rather than switching things up to see what else is out there. So, that's why we're giving you a full run down of the latest A Day's March denim drop with a full denim review - picking up on fit, feel, finish, sizing and even what to wear them with.

A Day's March


Although this is not A Day’s March’s first foray into the world of denim, this is their most comprehensive yet. Having learned from their first attempt: Denim No. 1, the most recent release sees a new fit. The higher waist and more generous, slightly tapered silhouette gives Denim No. 2 a more relaxed, baggy shape with a wider leg. Pelle Lundquist, A Day’s March co-founder says, “This will be a great complement to the narrower No. 1 and follows A Day’s March’s general direction towards a more relaxed look.” So get ready for looser cuts and better materials in the future. 

A Day's March


Speaking of materials, each of the three pairs included in Denim No. 2 is manufactured using Japanese denim fabric in 100% cotton affording an authentic and rigid fit. The hard-wearing, heavyweight denim will age over time, gaining personality and following your everyday journey. The new cut of denim comes in three colour ways: Tumbled Raw is made of authentic raw denim and will display all of your fades and stains over time, the dream for denim heads. Original Blue is the classic, standing in-between relaxed and smart, as happy styled either way. Used Black has a more vintage feel as the faded black denim is a more relaxed alternative to the block coloured jeans jeans that often clash with other colours in your wardrobe. 

The Details

The new A Day's March denim has been developed in co-lab with accomplished Swedish pattern maker Gunilla Gunnarsdotter and one of Italy's best denim producers. That means that the level of detail stitched into every pair of A Day's March denim jeans is unprecedented. Including the the all cotton fabric, high-quality rivets and buttons and model name engravings on the button fly.


The new A Day's March means jeans come in a relaxed fit, slightly tapered silhouette. The A Day's March models featured wears a size 31 and is 188 cm tall / 6′ 2″ and waist 78 cm / 30.7". A Day's March jeans fit true to size so opt for your usual size.

A Day's March

A Day's March

How to wear 

Styling high-quality, relaxed men's jeans is really as easy as it gets. Denim is the number one trouser choice because of the styling possibilities.

If you’re going for a smarter pair of jeans we recommend the Tumbled Raw version, pair them with a crisp white shirt and some minimal sneakers. Keep it clean and simple.

As for the Original Blue colour way, we’re styling it more casually. YMC’s oversized t-shirts are boxy enough to really compliment the higher waist and wider legs of Denim No. 2. Keep it playful with the shoes, Filling Pieces’ Off White Lay Up Icey Flow Sneakers are ideal, with flashes of colour and a high-top silhouette, they’re the relaxed vintage aesthetic we’re looking for.

We already told you that the Used Black denim is the more relaxed of the trio, and that’s exactly why we’re styling them with G. H. Bass’ Black Larkin Tassel Leather Loafers. Top off the look with Legends’ Off White Clark Shirt which fits loosely, and if you want to go all the way, Banton Frameworks’ Black Profile Sunglasses.

A Day's March

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