In a world where fast fashion prevails, Handvaerk stands as a beacon of minimalism and quality. Founded by Petra Brichnacova and Esteban Saba, this Scandinavian label emerged from a desire to create a collection of luxurious foundational pieces that simplify your daily attire. Rejecting the notion of quantity over quality, the husband-and-wife team set out to craft versatile, beautifully made garments with a sustainable backstory.


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Who founded Handvaerk?

Petra Brichnacova and Esteban Saba shared a unique perspective on fashion. Their backgrounds in textiles, rather than traditional fashion, led them to recognize a pervasive problem in the clothing industry—an unwavering focus on quantity over quality. Committed minimalists, Petra and Esteban embarked on a mission to create a hardworking yet luxurious wardrobe of versatile, exquisitely crafted pieces aligned with their values of sustainability and exceptional design. In 2013, they introduced håndværk, scouring their own closets for essential pieces and meticulously reimagining them to deliver unparalleled comfort and quality.

What products is Handvaerk known for?

Handvaerk specializes in timeless, understated clothing of the highest quality, focusing solely on essential pieces for your modern wardrobe. Their core collection comprises classic silhouettes and a muted color palette, ensuring that each design has a clear purpose and place. Crafted for modern living, their clothes are designed for everyday wear, becoming indispensable pieces year after year.

Every Handvaerk garment undergoes a rigorous design process to ensure optimal fabric, fit, and finish. Attention to detail is paramount, from the weight of a t-shirt to the stitching on a jacket pocket, resulting in garments you'll be proud to wear.

Where does Handvaerk manufacture its products?

Handvaerk's t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear, and knits are proudly made in Peru, a country known for its rich textile heritage and a growing focus on sustainable production. Partnering with workshops that operate at a human scale allows Handvaerk to craft pieces with care and finesse every detail.

What materials does Handvaerk use?

Their materials are carefully sourced, with a focus on authentic, natural, and sustainable options. Handvaerk primarily utilizes Peruvian Pima cotton and alpaca wool, both sustainably grown and produced in Peru. This approach reduces their carbon footprint and ensures full traceability over the production process.

Where can you buy Handvaerk?

Handvaerk's exceptional clothing can be found in physical stores across the USA, Canada, the UK, and Japan. For those seeking the brand's minimalist elegance from afar, international shipping is available through their online store, headquartered in Southampton, New York. Discover the Handvaerk difference and elevate your wardrobe with these thoughtfully crafted essentials.

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