When it comes to conquering the great outdoors in style and comfort, Arc'teryx jackets are the ultimate choice for discerning adventurers. With a legacy rooted in innovation and craftsmanship, Arc'teryx has consistently pushed the boundaries of technical outerwear, earning a reputation as one of the world's leading brands in outdoor apparel. In this guide, we'll explore the top Arc'teryx jackets that you should consider adding to your collection in 2024.


What is Arc'teryx

Arc'teryx, pronounced as "ark-teh-riks," is a Canadian outdoor clothing and equipment company founded in North Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1989. Known for its relentless pursuit of perfection, Arc'teryx has become synonymous with high-performance, innovative outdoor gear. The brand's name is derived from "Archaeopteryx lithographica," one of the earliest known birds, symbolizing the company's commitment to evolution and adaptation.

Arc'teryx is renowned for its cutting-edge designs, precision engineering, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible in outdoor apparel. Their products are created using advanced materials and technologies, resulting in gear that not only excels in extreme conditions but also boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic. Whether you're an alpinist, hiker, skier, or simply an urban explorer, Arc'teryx offers a range of jackets that cater to your specific needs.

Best Arc'teryx jackets to buy in 2024

Alpha SV Jacket

The Alpha SV Jacket, known for its resilience in harsh alpine conditions, is now even stronger with advanced GORE-TEX PRO technology, ensuring long-lasting storm protection, and it offers added comfort with features like the helmet-compatible StormHood™ and pit zips for ventilation, making it a reliable choice for alpine adventurers seeking both durability and functionality.

Proton Hoody

The Proton Hoody is designed for active outdoor pursuits, offering breathable insulation to manage temperature changes during high-energy activities; it's your go-to mid-layer that keeps you comfortable and focused, with a no-slip zipper and an insulated hood for added warmth, making it an excellent choice for dynamic adventures where performance and versatility are paramount.

Cerium Hoody

The Cerium Hoody is perfect for winter adventures, providing warmth without the bulk, thanks to its responsible sourcing of down and synthetic Coreloft™ insulation where needed, all wrapped in a lightweight, durable nylon shell with added protection from the insulated StormHood™, ensuring you stay cozy in cold conditions while appreciating its eco-friendly attributes.

Beta AR Jacket

The Beta AR Jacket, designed to be your all-around waterproof protection for various outdoor activities, is packable, breathable, and built to last; it features a helmet-compatible hood and added searchability in emergencies with the embedded RECCO® reflector, making it a reliable companion for any adventure, from alpine ascents to backcountry explorations.

Macai Jacket

When the temperatures drop, the Macai Jacket keeps you warm without sacrificing style, thanks to its insulation with European goose down and its equipped GORE-TEX for weather resistance; it's the ideal choice for cold days on and off the slopes, offering both comfort and fashion, ensuring you look good while staying cozy during winter pursuits.

Atom Jacket

The Atom Jacket is a versatile warming layer for outdoor adventures or daily commutes, ensuring you stay cozy and comfortable wherever you go, with its heat-retaining Coreloft™ Compact insulation and durable weather-resistant fabric; it's designed to provide added protection against the elements while keeping you on the move, making it a versatile choice for various activities and environments.

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