Alongside the endless array of architecture, interiors, automotive, art, design, lifestyle, menswear and sneaker articles that we serve up daily on the OPUMO Magazine, we sometimes find time to sit down with a few people who inspire us the most for a quick chat. So, with a little time to relax over the new year, we thought we would serve you some of the highlights from our favourite conversations over the past year.

The Creators: Dumi Oburota

As the Founder and Director of British Hip-Hop Commercial Corporation Disturbing London, Dumi has pushed the boundaries of possibility further than most managers, and most Londoners, ever have – or ever will. Discover his story as we talk record-breaking No1s, building a creative empire and the power of positivity with Britain’s biggest music mogul.

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My Life In Sneakers: Filling Pieces Founder Guillaume Philibert

At the beginning of the month, we launched the first ever OPUMO Awards – a dedicated end-of-year-roundup that celebrates some of the biggest personalities and inspirations over the past 12 months. In the fifth of our seven exclusive interviews with our OPUMO 2017 award winners, we speak to Filling Pieces founder Guillaume Philibert about his life in sneakers, the future of the industry and what it means to be our most influential ‘Sneakerhead’ of 2017.

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The Shoemaker: The Tim Little Interview

If you’re reading this on the weekend you may be taking a well-earned break from a hard working week. If you’re reading this on your commute, you may be looking for a distraction before you have to head into the humdrum of work. And if you’re actually reading this at work, well, it may give you a little extra inspiration to carry on. Because if you’ve ever considered a career change, then let Tim Little be your inspiration. Twenty years ago, after feeding off the energy of Adidas and Timberland, Grenson’s now-owner and creative director gave up a decade-long career in advertising to pursue his love of shoes.

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The Creators: The Alex Chinneck Interview

Part of the reason why he’s able to create the boundary-pushing, awe-inspiring work is his passion. The buildings that float in mid-air, melt into the ground or turn upside down do not transpire out of thin air – although ironically, they appear as if they do. His dedication to the craft and his penchant for risk-taking is evident to anyone who spends just a few minutes in his company.

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Meet The OPUMO 2017 ‘Dr GreenThumb’ Award Winners: Haarkon

We sat down with the home-grown horticultural pair – and the winners of the 2017 ‘Dr. GreenThumb’ award – to talk about the world’s best secret gardens, how to take the perfect Instagram photo and their top tips for introducing – and keeping – plants alive in your home. It’s worth a read.

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