People often complain that Christmas gift recipients ‘already have everything’. While that may be true, Christmas is a time of compromise and finding a way around problems. Instead of buying a gift for someone, what about buying a Christmas gift for their home? We’re continuing to put together Christmas gift guides to save you time and stress over the festive period so you can concentrate on the more important stuff: sleeping, watching films and eating. 

Homeware Gifts

Menu White Marble Wall Clock

In an age where we all rely on smartphones to tell us the time, Norm Architects and Menu want to bring about a renaissance and appreciation of the classic wall clock. They do this in the only way they know how, by introducing another sophisticated Scandinavian home accessory to its ensemble, the Marble Wall Clock. Crafted from the finest marble and stripped of unnecessary detail, the Menu Wall Clock will be a distinguished addition to any room in the house.

Homeware Gifts

Menu Brass Socket Occasional Lamp

As expected, Menu’s Occasional Lamp perfectly blends reserved minimalism with luxury. The Brass stand of the lamp is designed to be easily connected and disconnected from the power socket, turning it from paperweight to lamp stand and vice versa. Atop the heavy brass stand sits a high quality glass orb that emits a deep yellow light. This is the perfect lamp to write your letters to Santa by. 

Homeware Gifts

Menu Olive Carrie LED Lamp

The Carrie is a bit different to the standard LED lamps that you so often see. For one, it emits a warm and cosy glow that reflects Menu's fondness of candle light. It also contributes to the comfortable contentment of all good home accessories. And its incredibly lightweight and portable - which means you can move it around and dictate the light in any way you like - whether that is bedside, in the office or in the living room. It comes with a convenient USB charger, too.

Homeware Gifts

Menu Wine Breather

We know that a good Christmas goes hand in hand with great alcohol. A great red should be aerated before consumption, and it’s never been so easy or as stylish than with the Menu Wine Breather. Let your favourite red sit and acquire ten times the oxygen as when it’s in the bottle, only after a bit of patience can you indulge and enjoy the difference.

Homeware Gifts

Homeware Gifts

Menu Large Smoke Troll Vase

Menu’s Smoke Troll Vase is the result of experiments on the thickness of glass and its corresponding colour properties. Transitioning from a thicker base and therefore a darker hue, to a delicately thin bubble-like top which is totally transparent. This vase is so good that the flowers themselves may take a backseat. That's if you even decide to put flowers inside it. 

Menu Marble JWDA Table Lamp

Menu designer Jonas Wagell used archaic oil lamps as his inspiration for this modern rendition. Maintaining the organic shapes and natural tones of old oil lamps, Wagell has modernised the design with a marble bottom and jet black switch. It's smart, understated and will sit handsomely in any home. 

Homeware Gifts

Menu Cloud Stone Circular Bowl

You will probably find yourself taking photos of your fruit bowl if you begin to use Menu’s Cloud Stone Circular Bowl, designed by Alexa Lixfeld. Whether this bowl is sat empty and alone, or covered in a verdant salad or selection of fruit, it will always be shining. It also goes to show just how good Menu are at turning something so simple into something so spectacular.

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