The modern day calls for at least one pair of premium leather sneakers for men. Whether you’re opting for something like a leather high-top trainer to lend a sporty edge to your ensembles or a minimal leather men’s shoe for all-round style help, it’s worth looking to brands at OPUMO for help. We’ve picked out the skillsets of four of our favourite men’s sneaker labels to illustrate our point: Uniform Standard, Oliver Cabell, VOR and ETQ Amsterdam. Making use of the minimal, Scandinavian design principles that these brands have in common, we’re rounding up the men’s leather sneakers that will see you through 2020 and beyond.

Uniform Standard

Uniform Standard is a London-based men’s sneaker brand that has taken only two years to make its impact on a crowded marketplace. Dealing in minimal leather sneakers for men, Uniform Standard focuses heavily on environmental and social responsibility. By using premium quality leather and sustainable components, this eco-friendly men’s trainers brand has brought a refreshingly modern mindset to the party.

Uniform Standard Series 1 

Uniform Standard’s Series 1 design was the brand’s first offering back in 2018. The minimal men’s sneaker is made up of clean lines, premium materials and sublime hand-finished detailing. We love wearing Series 1 in its Triple Black colourway because it’s so versatile; these smart leather trainers can be worn to add a contemporary touch on smarter outings, or to upgrade your everyday wardrobe.

  1. Triple Mist Leather Series 1 Sneakers
  2. Double Black Leather Series 1 Sneakers
  3. Powder Suede Series 1 Sneakers
  4. White Leather Series 1 Sneakers
  5. Tripple Carbon Suede Series 4 Sneakers
  6. White Gum Leather Series 1 Sneakers
  7. Grey Suede Series 1 Sneakers
  8. Navy Leather Series 8 Sneakers
  9. Triple White Leather Series 1 Sneakers
  10. Double Espresso Series 1 Sneakers
  11. Triple Black Leather Series 3 Sneakers
  12. White Leather Series 8 Sneakers
  13. Double Black Leather Series 8 Sneakers
  14. Grey Suede Series 6 Sneakers
  15. Black Double Series 4 Sneakers

Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell is founded on the converging disciplines of art, craft and technology. Each pair of handmade leather trainers for men represents the meeting of traditional crafting techniques and the latest technology. From men’s leather low-top sneakers to minimal high-top trainers and now even men’s leather boots, Oliver Cabell really does it all which is what makes it one of our essential footwear brands of 2020. 

Oliver Cabell GAT

The Germany Army Trainer has been replicated many times over. Since its introduction as a standard-issue workout trainer for the German Army, the style has been reinvented by high-fashion houses and legendary sportswear brands alike. We’re attributing this popularity to the shoe’s unique design as well as its functionality. The Oliver Cabell German Army Trainer sees the utilitarian shoe revamped with 3oz calfskin leather and suede from Veneto, Italy, Italian calf-skin footbeds and vegetable-tanned Spanish leather to provide subtle, luxury appeal to a storied design.

  1. Dark Green Duvet Set
  2. Dark Stained / Black Leather NY11 Dining Chair
  3. Black Tab Table Lamp
  4. Genoa Mango Wood Bedside Table
  5. Berlin Sofa
    From £1,249
  6. Light Grey Heavy Denim Kurt Trousers
  7. Black Stone Wash Lean Fit Jeans

ETQ Amsterdam

Founded in 2010, ETQ Amsterdam is held as a pioneer of modern premium footwear. This is thanks to the brand’s willingness to experiment, never settling for a boring collection. Each season sees the Dutch brand return with a nucleus of familiar essential men's leather sneakers as well as exciting new styles that make use of modern crafting techniques and build on the designs of previous seasons.

ETQ Amsterdam LT 03

The range of ETQ Amsterdam’s skills are put on display for the brand’s LT 03 style. While much of the collection is characteristically minimal and lacks any unnecessary detailing, LT 03 features panelling throughout the design to offer a minimal sportswear style while retaining the qualities we look for in ETQ Amsterdam men’s trainers: premium nappa leather uppers, a layered insole and a TPU cupsole.

  1. White Sand LT 01 Sneakers
  2. Violet LT 01 Sneakers
  3. Ocean Green LT 01 Sneakers
  4. Marine Blue LT 01 Sneakers
  5. Money Green LT 01 Sneakers
  6. Walnut LT 01 Sneakers
  7. Microchip LT 01 Sneakers
  8. Charcoal LT 01 Sneakers
  9. Blueberry MT 02 Sneakers


We have entered the tenth year of life for VOR, the men’s premium sneaker brand that’s proud to be German. With every step of the journey designed and made in Germany, VOR has become well-loved for its luxurious style and premium-quality materials. From minimal low-top trainer styles to sporty men’s high-top sneakers, VOR does a little bit of everything, retaining quality through material and craftsmanship but adding an extra angle with perforation and panelling, VOR sneakers are understated but self-confident.


If you’ve ever bought a pair of premium men’s sneakers before, you’ll know that comfort often doesn’t rank so highly on the priority list. That’s not the case for VOR, which focuses heavily on support and padding. VOR 2A is a luxury low-top sneaker for men with premium full-grain leather uppers and a calfskin leather lining complete with padded insoles and advanced arch support. A perforated toe box and wrap-around panelling give this style sportswear credentials while the luxury leather construction makes the VOR 2A a viable sneaker for smarter get-ups too.

  1. Dolomiti Grey Pure Cashmere Hoodie
  2. Brass Sleek Giant Step Pendant Lamp
    From £64
  3. Anthracite LT 01 Sneakers
  4. Sand Canvas Patch Pocket Shorts
  5. Genoa Mango Wood Bedside Table
  6. Natural Card Wallet
  7. Salina Marble / Black Drinks Trolley

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