If your vision is getting a little blurrier and your sight isn’t what it used to be, there’s absolutely no shame in getting a pair of reading glasses for men. In fact, according to a recent study by Optimax, 83% of people aged over 45 will rely on them at some point, and even if you’ve never needed glasses or contact lenses before, it’s very common that you’ll need reading glasses later down the line.


But, as with all things in life, not all reading glasses are made equally. Some of them look very old and very wiry like something Dumbledore would’ve worn, and others are actually seriously sleek and stylish. If you’re searching for some in the latter category, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide by Opumo, we’ll be going through how to pick the best pair for your face shape, as well as the best reading glasses for men in 2024. So let’s get to it!

How to pick reading glasses for men for your face shape

Not only should reading glasses work well, they should also look well too. If you wear sunglasses you probably already know what types of frames complement your face. If you’re still unsure, however, it’s quite easy to work it out. 

If you have a round face, you should probably avoid small or round frames that will clash with your facial features. Ovals are longer than they are wide, so stray away from larger frames that will disrupt the symmetry of your face. With squares, don’t go for boxy or angular frames as these will make your face seem a lot larger than it actually is. Finally, those with diamond shapes should avoid narrow frames altogether. Essentially, you should opt for a design that’s the least similar to the shape of your face.

10 of the best reading glasses for men in 2024

Meller Nyasa

It’s no secret that Meller makes some of the greatest shades out there, but the Barcelona-based brand is also a powerhouse when it comes to the best reading glasses. Take the Nyasa, for example. While they look nice and minimal, they’re actually packed with a ton of different innovations. The lenses have been specifically designed to cancel out blue light, preventing fatigue and visual stress, and the frame itself is made of bio-based materials. So not only will you look good, you’ll actually do some good too.

Inspired by one of the Nürburgring’s most famous corners, the Carousel by Johann Wolff is truly timeless. Renowned for its sophisticated grooves around the lenses that offer a stout yet lightweight presence, each pair comes with a vegan leather case, a cloth, and a cleaning spray, which is always nice. The Carousel is also available in a bunch of other styles and colour options, but the tortoiseshell-esque Havana is probably our favourite of them all.

Meller Luxor Tigris

So nice we’ve mentioned them twice. If you’re looking for the best reading glasses for men that look retro without being too in-your face (like literally), Meller’s Luxor Tigris should definitely be on your radar. These feature a square shape that’s both lovely to look at and lovely to look through.

Balenciaga Tag 2.0

Balenciaga has been around for well over a century, so they know what looks cool and what doesn’t. The Tag 2.0 is the sequel to one of its most popular frames, and while it comes with the same aviator-style aesthetic, they’ve been upgraded in every single way possible. Crafted in Italy from silver-tone metal and accented with the label's moniker along the brow bar, they’re lightweight, versatile, and can be worn with any fit you throw on.

Johann Wolff Konrad

Another iconic design from Johann Wolff, the Konrad is one of the most unique reading glasses for men in 2024 that you can buy today. A tribute to genius inventor Konrad Zuse, father of the first programmable computer which set the stage for the modern world, these blur the line between the past and the present with an eye-catching gradient effect. They are best suited for those with fuller, rounder faces.

Dior Aviator

Released as part of the prestigious Dior Eyewear collection, the aptly-named Aviator takes the classic style and takes it into a more contemporary direction. Expertly crafted in Italy from sleek acetate, they’re painted in a tortoiseshell-like palette and detailed with a thick top bar. Along the temples, you’ll find subtle metal inserts that are etched with the initials “CD” as a homage to the Parisian fashion house’s legendary founder.

Matsuda Round Titanium

There’s no way you can talk about the best reading glasses out there without giving Matsuda a special shoutout. Founded in the late ‘60s, the Japanese company is a purveyor of some of the finest frames of all-time. Inspired by a classic the pantos silhouette, they’re handmade with a slender titanium frame and feature signature delicate engraving across the nose bridge. If you’re a sucker for little details, these have been crafted with you in mind.

Tom Ford Square Frame

When you look at a photo of Tom Ford, most of the time he’s wearing a pair of big black shades, so he knows a thing or two about designing some of the coolest frames in the business. Boasting a clean-lined square silhouette that’s typical of the American designer’s elegant minimalism, they’re finished with a glossy acetate construction that’s both simple and sophisticated at the same time. What’s there not to love?

Celine Bold D-Frame

Celine has always been known to make a statement especially when it comes to eyewear, and this is especially evident with the French house’s Bold D-Frame. Made in Italy and designed with a tortoiseshell look, the acetate construction has been finished with a glossy finish that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Celine has also engraved some gold logos across the temples for an ultra-chic vibe.

Akoni Cassini Aviator

And last but not least, we have the Cassini Aviator by Akoni. Since it was founded in 2019, the Japanese eyewear label has drawn from art, architecture, design, and film for its reading glasses, and this is a prime example of this influence. With an almost brutalist aesthetic, these frames are expertly crafted from black titanium and feature an aviator-inspired brow bar up top. They’re definitely on the more expensive side of the price spectrum, but they’re worth every single penny. We promise.

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