Jeremy & Cath Brown founded Feldspar in 2017. The pair, moving from Hackney to Devon recently, were searching for a slower pace of life and products to accompany their new more leisurely pace. The outcome is Feldspar, the brand makes objects that are ready for the long haul. Using top quality materials and ingredients, and finding the best manufacturers in the UK, Feldspar’s range of homeware is characterised by premium quality, intelligently designed pieces. Best of all, the studio have just released a range of beautifully dimpled china coffee mugs, kitchenware and homeware, and we’ve picked out a few of our favourites. 

The Feldspar Ceramics Your Kitchen Needs

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase cookware for a new kitchen, or simply tried to improve the quality of tools in your current kitchen, you’ve probably found that stocking up on high-quality kitchen essentials is much more difficult than it should be. Thankfully, Feldspar is looking to solve this problem and make stock of minimalist, high-quality kitchenware that you will actually use.

Cobalt Sugar Bowl
Cobalt Tea Bowl
Cobalt Blue Teapot

Feldspar Cobalt Blue Teapot

The new collection focuses on simple design centred around a basic colour palette. Cobalt blue is our favourite this season, the colour is calming and classy – perfect for the kitchen. This bone china teapot does what most cannot, it pours perfectly. The elegant pot holds 4 cups comfortably so settle down with a book, you don’t need to move.

12oz Cobalt Tea Mug
7 Oz Cobalt Coffee Mug
2.5 Oz Cobalt Espesso Mugs

Cobalt Cake Plate
Cobalt Ice Cream Bowl
Cobalt Butter Dish

Feldspar Cobalt Butter Dish

The butter dish is a kitchen feature that has seen an unfair drop in popularity thanks to new spreads in tasteless plastic tubs. Throw away your plastic tubs and bring in this beautiful bone china dish. Founders Jeremy & Cath are both descendants of dairy farmers, so this dish has history.

Cobalt Vase W. Handles
Cobalt Candle Holder

Cobalt Soap Dish
Ash Soap
Ash Candle

The Feldspar Bathroom Essentials

It doesn’t matter how intent you are on improving all the rooms in your house, the bathroom doesn’t often receive the attention it so deserves. There are a few easy steps that you can take to improve it, though, and a fresh new fragrance and a soap that looks as good as it smells is always a good place to start.

Feldspar Ash Soap

Made using 100% natural ingredients, the Ash Soap bar has a coconut, olive and sustainably sourced palm oil base that is combined with pure essential oils and activated charcoal. This expert concoction draws out impurities and bacteria from the skin, as well as looking great.

Feldspar Ash Candle

Compliment your new soap with the accompanying candle. Infuse your bathroom with the spiced scent of burning Ash wood, vetiver and sweet rosewood, with top notes of mandarin. This is a rounded, mature scent and you’ll be raking in the compliments from guests.

White Stem Vase

The Feldspar Finishing Touches For The Living Room

Improving your living room decor is the easiest of the lot as you can pull on different aspects of the room including the walls, windows, furniture, floor, furniture and ceiling, with simple yet sophisticated touches. Touches like a textured artistic throw and a sculptural vase which are, funnily enough, part of the new homeware drop from Feldspar.

Feldspar Charcoal Moor Blanket

Since their move to Devon, Jeremy & Cath have grown to love walks on Dartmoor, it is these wanders that inspire the beautiful Moor blanket. Designed to drape over the end of a bed or sofa, the blanket is made of Superfine Geelong Lambswool so it’s soft to the touch and luxuriously heavyweight.

Feldspar White Bunch Vase

The immaculate white bone china of this vase is the perfect home for the explosion of vibrant colours provided by a good bouquet of flowers. The imperfect shaping is designed to mimic the organic matter within.

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