As a civilisation, it’s safe to say we’ve managed to move away from the white jeans outfit as taboo. Of course, there’s still people that ruin it for others. No white jeans article is complete without a reference to nightclub owners, used car dealers or Razorlight as a warning, but mostly, attitudes have warmed to them.


White jeans, when not skintight, make a lot of sense. You can wear them all year round, they tend to allow other parts of your outfit to stand out and they can provide a point of difference. They look great with loafers and a dark sock during summer and in winter, they allow you to brighten an outfit up and move away from earthy tones. Keen on picking up a pair? Let us work you through some white jean outfit inspiration.

Understated, Yet Sophisticated

The charming Prince of Wales Raglan coat steals the scene in this white jean outfit, a great bridge between causal and formal, but it’s made all the better with dashing cuffed white jean. Pini’s Anthracite turtleneck underneath is a commanding cable knit piece is great layering too. A pair of luxury suede runners underneath is serious Italian athleisure style move.

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Take It Easy

Keeping an eye on Aurelien editorial is great inspiration for styling a white jean outfit. The brand’s Taupe reversible voyager jacket is a refined upgrade on a bomber, especially when left slightly unzipped to reveal an extra-fine merino half zip through underneath. The Softey suede voyager loafer is a good colour for matching white denim and offers serious comfort. 

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Dapper Denim

Velasca’s chocolate brown shoe range is a white denim outfit’s best friend. You could match them with anything but the Piugiàtt loafer is a wise investment. Keep trees in them, respect the calf suede. The Bosa denim overshirt combined with the Millesimo denim jean is the thinking man’s double. Throw a cardigan underneath to break it up.

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Let The Coat Do The Talking

Another case of a wonderful big, earthy-toned coat with stylish white denim outfit underneath. Private White V.C.'s Ventile Mac is a lifetime investment in blue or green. Underneath, the cashmere jersey shirt is a masterstroke in material and tailoring experimentation. Stylish and so soft. Top it off with the Roderer Harry aviator for a considered look.

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Never-Fail Neutrals

White denim jeans outfits don’t have to be bordering smart casual the whole time. Keep it casual with Wax London. A slightly baggy white pair of jeans, comfy boxy fit jumper and then some choice accessories to set the two off. The Wax London fisherman beanie comes in muted or bright shades.

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Pop Of Colour

Let’s widen the leg of the white denim jeans outfit and see what it’ll pair with, shall we? The Arise Twill pants from Foret are a slouchier, workwear-inspired white jean that will bunch nicely at the bottom. Rock them with a bright red rollneck with a boxy fit and keep that workwear inspiration running through with a navy angler club overshirt.

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