You can’t go wrong with a minimal watch. Simple in design and easy to wear with a range of looks, minimal watches are versatile, understated and look as good now as they will in ten years time. 

What is a minimal watch?

Minimal watches live up to their name. With their pared back dials, simple straps and lack of extraneous detailing, minimalist watches are favoured by those who prefer clean, uncluttered design. 

Usually coming under the dress watch category, minimal watches tend to be ‘time only’ pieces, meaning they lack any sophisticated complications like world timers or diving bezels. As such, they tend to pair well with similarly refined outfits - think indigo denim jeans, penny loafers and overshirts

Best minimal watch brands 

NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte embodies all that we admire about minimal design. The brand’s unique design aesthetic incorporates aspects of Bauhaus, which can be seen in the font choice and symmetrical aspects of its dials. 

Each watch is made by hand in Germany, and features an in-house mechanical movement, developed and produced in the mountains in Glashütte, where NOMOS is based. Understated, sophisticated design ensure that a NOMOS timepiece looks great with whatever you choose to wear with it.

  1. 1115 Metro Neomatik Midnight Blue Watch
  2. 1112 Metro 38 Urban Grey Watch
  3. 765 Club Campus Neomatik 39 Watch
  4. 553 Atlantic Ahoi Watch
  5. 805 Zürich World Time Watch
  6. 177 Tangente Neomatik Midnight Blue Watch
  7. 1106 Metro Neomatik Watch
  8. 736 Campus 38 Night Watch
  9. 604 Tangomat Ruthenium Date Watch
  10. 1303 Autobahn Neomatik 41 Date Sports Grey Watch
  11. 1205 Minimatik Midnight Blue Watch
  12. 392 Orion Neomatik Watch
  13. 1102 Metro 38 Date Watch
  14. 331 Orion White Watch

TID Watches

TID Watches distinctly minimal aesthetic boils its watches down to the bare essentials. Its dials are stark, with simply laid out numbers easy to read and its three hand set up even more so. 

Founded in 2012 by Ola E. Bernestål, Petrus Palmér and design studio Form Us With Love’s Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren, the brand has carved out an impressive niche in that short space of time. Look out for its No. 1 watch - a signature piece with curved lugs, shortened hands and a protruding crown. 

  1. Sky Blue E6 Earphones
  2. Coastal Groove Photograph
  3. Toothbrush & Whitening Toothpaste
  4. Modern Khaki Canvas Adventure Pathfinder Slim Briefcase
  5. If In Doubt Blue Drop Chair
  6. Desert Marching Suede Sneakers
  7. Matt Black / Green Outdoor Sunglasses
  8. Deep Blue / Black M/S Adventurer Weekend Bag


Instrmnt is a brand that takes the moniker ‘less is more’ to heart, much in the same way we do. With stripped back dials, a lack of extraneous detailing and high quality leather straps, Instrmnt’s watches are high quality and built to last. 

The utilitarian feel across its offering is consistent, meaning an Instrmnt timepiece is easy to spot in a crowd. Taking its design cues from mid century industrial design, the brand has also recently ventured into mechanical watchmaking, only further its stock in the minimal watch canon. 

  1. Tan Unstitched Leather Watch Straps
  2. Black Rubber Watch Straps
  3. Black Bezel D Series Watch
    From £595
  4. Olive Nato Gabric Watch Straps
  5. K-100 Black / Black Watch
  6. Ferrari 250LM, Le Mans 1965 1:18 Scale Model
  7. 744 Club Neomatik Siren White Watch
  8. Vik Muniz, Hand Signed Eight Colour Spectrum Yellow
  9. White / Indigo Mads Double Indigo Shirt
    From £109

About Vintage

Although it references vintage watches across its entire range, About Vintage stays up to date through modern design details and 21st century mechanical movements, which will continue to power them for decades to come. 

Making use of the brand’s Scandinavian heritage, founders Thomas Gyvelgaard Andersen & Sebastian Skov Regeser make use of gold, rose gold and silver coloured cases in their designs, with wear well with similarly minimal clothing the likes of Oxford shirts, chinos and comfortable sneakers. 

  1. Steel / Steel Blue 1926 At'sea Watch
    From £339
  2. Steel / White 1820 Automatic Watch
  3. Gold / Black 1971 Automatic Watch
  4. Gold / Midnight Blue 1969 Special Edition Watch
  5. Gold / Night Blue 1971 Automatic Watch
  6. Steel / Black Vintage 1926 At'sea Watch
    From £339
  7. Steel / White 1969 Vintage Watch
  8. Black / Steel 1844 Chronograph Watch
  9. Steel / Black 1971 Automatic Watch
  10. White / Steel / Brown 1815 Chronograph Watch
  11. All Black 1926 At'sea Watch
  12. Steel / Blue 1926 At'sea Watch
    From £339
  13. Night Blue Sunray / Gold 1971 Swiss Made Automatic Watch
  14. White / Steel 1844 Chronograph Watch
  15. Blue Sunray / Steel 1815 Chronograph Watch

VOID Watches

VOID watches keep its designs simple and its prices surprisingly affordable. Another Scandinavian brand with a focus on minimalism and pared back design, expect simple time only pieces with both leather and mesh bracelet options. 

Alongside its more traditional round cases, VOID is known for its square watches the likes off its V01 and V02 models, which reference classic square designs of the ‘80s, while still maintaining a minimal edge. 

  1. 22MM STRAP: SL22-LB/SI Watch Strap
  2. PKG01-GO/BL/BL Watch
  3. Gold 22MM Milanese Bracelet
  4. PKG01-GO/DB/WH Watch
  5. 22MM STRAP: SL22-GR/SI Watch Strap
  6. 22MM STRAP: SL22-BL/GO Watch Strap

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