Longing for luxury loafers? Right now, you should be. Luckily Baudoin & Lange have it covered. This young premium footwear brand have won a worldwide fanbase for their handmade, signature collections of updated loafers and essential Chelsea boots, using only the finest leathers and constructed by seasoned shoemakers. Simply put: this is nothing less than the reinvention of gentleman's luxury footwear with a contemporary take on the great classics, while retaining all that made them great in the first place.

The journey of each pair of Baudoin & Lange shoes begins in studios just off Colombia Road in Hackney, renowned for its weekly flower markets and one of the epicentres of style-led east London. Baudoin & Lange have revived a disused shoemaking factory with the aim of rejuvenating an old tradition for a new era. Design soaks up Parisian and Belgian influences, injecting a touch of the flâneur into every piece in the collections. 

Leathers are sourced with an almost obsessive care while construction is entrusted to shoemakers steeped in their craft. Each pair of Baudoin & Lange shoes - whether that's suede loafers, a pair in crocodile skin or the brand's innovative Sagan Strides, which blend sneaker and loafer - is carefully and slowly handmade. The result is something truly special.

It’s all the result of the vision of two high-achievers who were seeking a new direction for their innovative skills. Creative director is former Apple executive Allan Baudoin. He founded the brand in 2016, in partnership with former financier and racing driver, and now chief executive, Bo van Langeveld - the "Lang" in the name - and so Baudoin & Lange's deluxe journey began.

Your choice of these reborn loafers might be the simplicity of the Sagan Classic, a loafer that has now become the brand's signature, already something of a legend among footwear aficionados. Classic tassels and buckles are available on this loafer silhouette, along with choices of leathers and suedes in a variety of quietly deluxe colourways. 

Subtly reinvented Chelsea boots, key to any suited and booted look, have now joined the collections and in what's become the key to Baudoin & Lange's success, all and everything about these boots, from meticulous design to the finest leathers and artisanal construction, is of the very best. 

It goes without saying that Baudoin & Lange footwear is designed for your lifetime and beyond. Whatever your choice, they're ready to be with you from days at the office to evening cocktails and - we'd humbly suggest - even one of the many word-of-mouth dance floors of east London. 

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