When looking through the best architecture of 2017, it was clear that we were blessed with an embarrassment of riches to choose from. In a world that is shifting under our feet faster than we can measure, and with design trends multiplying, architecture was something that we could constantly depend on delivering nothing short of excellence. Architects across the world seemed to know this; as this was a banner year for not only new projects but revamps of classic designs and the return of some old-favourites, too.

These are the 10 best architectural projects of 2017.

Strom Architects Reveal The Modern-Day Bungalow

Bungalows do not often receive the tender love and care they so deserve. They’re often lost in a paradox of outdated appeal and the generalisation that they are only suited to the elderly, and they have suffered as a consequence. However, Ström Architects are breaking the mould by rebuilding an ageing 1917 bungalow in the south of England.

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Take A Look At The Spectacular Silver House In South Wales

A winner at the RIBA Wales Awards 2017, the Silver House is considered a ‘very elegant and thoughtful piece of architecture’ that consists of two separate mono-pitched units that are raised off the ground on a plinth of stone. The house has been designed to maximise the exposure of the surrounding views while also paying homage to the region’s vernacular architecture.

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Can Limona - Barcelona At Its Best

When your starting point is a landmark piece of modernism, take care. Barcelona architects Mesurahave have done more than that with this thorough interior redesign of part of a substantial family home, known as Can Limona.

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Miner Road’s Weathering Steel Hides An Award-Winning Californian Home

Take a wooded Californian landscape. Add one rusted structure. The result is a spectacular luxury home that's both uniquely distinctive and entirely at home in its surroundings.

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Take A Look Inside Styrmansgaten 5 By Henrik Nero

On our search to find the best interiors from around the world we stumbled across the work of Henrik Nero – and it’s safe to say we haven’t had to look elsewhere for inspiration since.

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Matt Fajkus Architecture’s ‘AUTOHAUS’ Is A Car Collector’s Dream

For some, the kitchen is the most important part of the home. For others, it may be the lounge, dining room or even the garage. For their latest project, Matt Fajkus Architecture has created an entire home to cater to its owners’ car collection – which effectively brings the garage into the heart of the home.

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House On The Cliff By Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

The very best residential architecture invites you to stay - which is exactly what makes the ‘House on the Cliff’ by Silvestre Arquitectos so special. Nestled against a rock face over the Mediterranean Sea, the property is a quiet cove; a perfect sanctuary.

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House In Posazavi By A69 Architects

Capturing the essence of nature is not easy. Yet, in the heart of a forest in the Czech Republic lies 'House in Posazavi' - an unorthodox family home that sits on top of a rock face and on the edge of a cascading river.

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The Simple House By Moon Hoon

The name of South Korean architect Moon Hoon’s latest project may be titled ‘Simple House’ but in reality, it is anything but. The Seoul-based architect has completed a three-storey home on the country’s Jeju Island that features cantilevered boxes stacked on top of each other and braced together by diagonal reinforced, spider web-inspired, concrete beams.

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West Village Townhouse By BW Architects

If you're thinking of a townhouse in Manhattan, we'd suggest consideration of this one, reimagined by New York-based Basil Walter Architects for a demanding client.

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