It’s long been known that Scandinavia is home to some of the finest clothing brands in the world. Over the years, Denmark, Norway and Sweden has produced numerous brands renowned for their unique take on design and craftsmanship.

Most well known for its minimalism, the best Scandinavian menswear brands combine a pared back design ethos with neutral colour palettes and exacting quality. From denim jeans to sportswear and sneakers, these are the Scandinavian brands that do it best. 

The best Scandinavian menswear brands


“The world doesn’t need another fashion brand”, says ASKET, and we’re inclined to agree, especially when labels like ASKET already exist. The Stockholm-based brand is committed to fighting fast consumption by designing for forever rather than one season.

ASKET envisions a future of reduced wardrobes built on eco-friendly clothing that stands the test of time in terms of design and craftsmanship. The label’s permanent collection comprises premium quality staples of all types. From minimal outerwear to luxury underwear, the whole spectrum is covered.

  1. Olive Chino Trousers
  2. Brown Melange Merino Roll Neck
  3. Dark Navy Merino Wool Polo
  4. White Lightweight T Shirt
  5. Black Sweatshirt
  6. White Oxford Shirt
  7. Dark Navy Woven Elastic Belt
  8. White Linen Shirt
  9. Dark Navy Pique Polo
  10. Black Chino Trousers
  11. Charcoal Merino Sweater
  12. Matte Black Zip Vest
  13. Blue Stripe Linen Shirt
  14. Blue Stripe Oxford Shirt

Native North 

Native North was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen and explores traditional Scandinavian design values using unique fabrics to lend collections a modern, technical edge.

It’s obvious with each collection that this label is not only founded in Scandinavia but shaped by it. Whether that’s the weather, calling for heavy knitwear and utilitarian outerwear, or the design values, bringing about a pared-back collection that focuses more closely on materials and craftsmanship than frills and details.

  1. Black Guy Logo T Shirt
    £42 £25
  2. Blue Striped Bureau Shirt
    £85 £59
  3. Grey Commander Shell Jacket
  4. Indigo Asker Wool Knit
    From £133 £93
  5. Purple Wool Workers Shirt
    From £133 £44
  6. Light Blue Conrad Overshirt
    £97 £68
  7. Navy Bassa Paper Pants
    £109 £76
  8. Beige Moleskin Fleece Jacket
    From £170 £119
  9. Bordeaux Japanese Tencel Shirt
    £85 £59
  10. Yellow Striped Bureau Shirt
    £85 £59
  11. Denim Hurley Nylon Cap
    £36 £25
  12. Bordeau Workmen Utility Jacket
    £133 £93
  13. Navy Paper Shirt
    From £109 £55
  14. Navy Commander Shell Jacket
  15. White Guy Logo T Shirt
    £42 £25


Based in Copenhagen, Forét was founded in 2014 with the idea to produce wardrobe staples made from high quality, responsible fabrics. The brand is renowned for its classic pieces, which are often imbued with a subtle twist. Expect overshirts with pared back branding, logo sweatshirts and a colour palette that isn’t shy of the odd statement pop.  

  1. Leo Army Cub Shirt
    £111 £56
  2. Light Grey Melange Track Sweatshirt
    £99 £50
  3. Wine Bait Sweatshirt
  4. Khaki Bear Canvas Shirt
  5. Black Rod Sweatshirt
  6. Black OX Sweatshirt
  7. Light Grey Swatch T Shirt
  8. Army Maple Hoodie
    £111 £50
  9. Midnight Blue / Red / Mesa Shirt
    £99 £50
  10. Navy Down Longsleeve T Shirt
  11. Grey Claw Shirt
    £124 £62
  12. Light Grey Melange Down Longsleeve T Shirt
  13. Khaki Mile Shorts
    £87 £44
  14. Midnight Blue Bear Shirt


Stockholm-based CQP produces some of the finest minimal sneakers around. With a build quality that’s unmatched, and utilising the best materials including 100% Italian leather and suede, CQP is renowned for its simple design ethos and attention to detail. Our favourite styles include the Racquet SR, and the Atrium, which takes its cues from classic tennis shoes with its contrast panelling and gum sole. 

  1. CQP
    Dark Beige Otium Sneakers
  2. CQP
    Sand Jetty Slip-Ons
  3. CQP
    Tabac Jetty Slip-Ons
  4. CQP
    All Blue Racquet SR Sneakers
  5. CQP
    Warm Grey Dinghy Sneakers
  6. CQP
    Khaki Racquet SR Sneakers
  7. CQP
    Navy Jetty Slip-Ons
  8. CQP
    Light Grey Racquet SR Sneakers
  9. CQP
    Sand Quarta Sneakers
  10. CQP
    Sand Genoa Sneakers
  11. CQP
    Grape Dinghy Sneakers
  12. CQP
    Granit Racquet SR Sneakers
  13. CQP
    Classic Play Atrium Sneakers
  14. CQP
    Black / White Racquet Sneakers
  15. CQP
    Beige Racquet Sneakers


True to many Scandinavian brands, Mismo’s designs are suitably minimal and pared back. It takes an innovative approach to manufacturing, making use of waterproof fabrics for its backpacks, making them perfect for commuting and travelling in.

The M/S backpack for example is a classic, boasting a simple roll top that owes its design to vintage military styles. Like all Mismo products it shines in the details, with hand-polished YKK zips, solid brass hardware and vegetable-tanned leather detailing. 

  1. Black / Black M/S Card Holder
  2. Army / Cuoio M/S Endeavour
  3. Army / Dark Brown M/S Endeavour
  4. Army / Dark Brown M/S Card Holder
  5. Sand Waves / Dark Brown Shuttle Bag
    £226 £181
  6. Black / Black M/S Flair Tote
  7. Army / Cuoio M/S Brief Bag
  8. Black / Black Large Leather Pouch
  9. Khaki / Black M/S Brief Bag
  10. Navy / Dark Brown M/S Express Backpack
  11. Concrete / Cuoio M/S Shuttle Bag
    £307 £215
  12. Tabac Mini Wallet
  13. Deep Blue / Black M/S Washbag
  14. Deep Blue / Black M/S Brief Bag
  15. Coal / Black M/S Utility Bag

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